A few necessities and power to renew your licence

Driver LicenceeNaTIS Do you know when your driver licence expires? Many motorists have had to go through a mad rush to renew their driver licences. I noticed a few months ago that my licence expires in August and earlier today took the road to the local licencing centre in Bloemfontein. I was quite confident that the process would not be a painful one – at least eNaTIS should be operational and no public servants would be on strike…?!

At the licencing centre I found a long queue of people standing in the dark! There had been a power failure and I decided to try my luck in the afternoon. On my return to the testing centre in the early afternoon, I was informed that the power had been restored but the computers have not been on-line yet. It was later confirmed that a Telkom problem was to blame for this scenario.

I have decided to prepare myself well for my next trip to the licencing station and gathered information from the experts on Tasima on what to expect. A step by step guide for this venture would include the following:

1. Arrive Alive at the Driver Licence Testing Centre [DLTC]

2. Ask for and fill out the green form / This form is named DL1 and can be requested at the enquiries counter

3. Proceed to the eye test/fingerprint counter (with photographs). Four RECENT & IDENTICAL passport sized photos (black and white or colour). (If the person is not applying for a temporary then only 2 are required)

4. [There are often photographers available but these are private guys who usually set up shop outside the DLTC and their availability cannot always be guaranteed.

5. The eye test can be conducted by an optometrist however the DLTC may still require that an examiner perform the test

6. Proceed to cashiers to pay for application and temporary driving licence where applicable. You need to have funds for the appropriate fee (it is determined by each province). [ An amount of R130- R200 should be enough]

It might also be worthwhile to note:

* If the driving licence has not expired yet it will remain valid for up to 3 months after the expiry date provided that the holder provides proof that s/he has applied for a new card (e.g. the receipt issued upon application).
* However if the licence has already expired the applicant must apply for a temporary driving licence (remember its not free) which will be valid for 6 months…so it pays to apply before the expiry date.
* In Johannesburg the application can also be made at certain optometrists (but by appointment only). They also charge a fee.

The above information could provide more clarity on what awaits you at the Licence Testing Centre…and don’t forget your short prayer for Eskom and Telkom!