Motorists urged to drive with their headlights on

Motorists urged to drive with their headlights on Traffic volumes are expected to increase on South Africa’s main national roads as workers start their holidays. As a result traffic authorities will put extra measures to heighten our enforcement activities and our communication efforts.

In its concerted efforts to stop the carnage on our roads the Department of Transport’s Arrive Alive campaign makes a “Call to Action to Motorists to switch on their headlights”. We know from research that the daytime running lights concept has worked elsewhere in the world. We have now established that South Africans recognize the safety effects of daytime running lights and that 69% of motorists are willing to use daytime running lights. Motorists know that daytime running lights have a positive effect on specific types of accidents that involve vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

The benefits of daytime running lights are:

• Increased visibility;
• Reduction in offences, crashes, injuries and fatalities;
• Promotion of safe road user behaviour;
• Exposing motorists with faulty lights; and

Spreading the switch-on message

The Call to Action will rely on voluntary use of headlights by motorists. This is so because already 90% of traffic crashes are preceded by non-compliance to traffic rules. Irresponsible and inconsiderate behaviour is the core focus of this initiative. In no uncertain terms this must change to responsible road user behaviour. The success of this initiative hinges on motorists’ support.

By driving with their headlights on motorists will also provide an indication to other road users that they do care about safety on the roads.

The Arrive Alive Road Safety Website and Blog would like to support this request issued by the Department of Transport and the RTMC


2 thoughts on “Motorists urged to drive with their headlights on

  1. While I do support the use of headlights during the daytime when conditions are such that there is poor visibility (smoke, fog, rain, etc) I have enough of a problem at night with vehicles that have extra bright lights (BMWs, etc) and/or incorrectly adjusted lights without having these same vehicles blinding me during the daylight hours.
    To compare SA with the rest of the world where daytime use of headlights has proven effect is to lose sight of the fact that we are living in a sunshine country where poor visibility is not the order of the day as opposed to those other parts of the world where daily sunshine is a rarity.
    Driving with headlights on will not protect one from an untrained driver with a forged license in an un-roadworthy mini-bus taxi!

  2. Really great idea, i also drive with lights on, especially on long journeys, nd other driver do notice you.
    2 things to add though, this applies to headlights, NOT foglights. So far as i have been able to tell, driving with only foglights is illegal, perhaps someone can confirm this?
    The other thing is that i’ve heard a number of bikers “complain” since it reduces their visibility amongst cars. The proposed solution is for bikes to use orange in front, making them easier to identify.
    Point is … look, look again, look AGAIN and keep checking all directions while moving.
    Peace to all

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