Why don’t we plan for vehicle recovery as well?

Why don’t we plan for vehicle recovery as well? Motorists give much attention to road safety and the need to plan their trip. This includes the need to check roadworthiness and to schedule rest stops. We often do not plan for the eventuality of an accident or our vehicle braking down next to the road.

Road users need to be aware of the dangers of vehicle breakdowns – not only to their safety next to the road – but to their wallets! Dealing with the wrong tow truck operators might lead to excessive costs for towing, storage etc. The South African Towing and Recovery Association (SATRA) has acknowledged that non-members have been found to exploit the distressed motorist and that the industry is in need of regulatory control.

The Arrive Alive website has decided to include more information on these dangers as well as advice and recommendations for motorists. We often neglect to plan for situations of emergency – and help might be closer at hand…

Most short term insurance contracts have stipulations pertaining to road side assistance and vehicle owners often seek additional road side assistance cover. Are we aware of the procedures to follow and the numbers to dial? I believe most of us are not!

It is also important to focus on our cellular phone contracts and the additional services provided by our cellular operators to their clients. These often include road side assistance. It is not necessary to pay excessive additional costs for services already available to us!

The section ”Recovery of Vehicle after Accident / Dealing with Tow Truck Operators” has important recommendations for motorists, and amongst these we might do well to focus on the following:

• If your vehicle is insured, contact your insurer or broker and ask for information on the procedure to follow – have this available in your vehicle at all times.
• If you have insurance cover that includes towing charges, call the emergency towing assistance number (usually on a sticker provided by the insurance company).
• The roadside assistance services provided by motor manufacturers and cellular service providers inevitably come at an extra cost so if you buy a new car or cell phone contract and roadside assistance forms part of the deal, make sure you are not paying extra for it if you already have this service through someone else.

Visit the Arrive Alive Website for more information on vehicle recovery after an accident or breakdown.

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2 thoughts on “Why don’t we plan for vehicle recovery as well?

  1. Why do we never see tow trucks being taken to task for their ALWAYS atrocious driving? Reckless and dangerous is against the law, yet these boys never seem to do anything else?

  2. It is quite amazing how many accidents sometimes happen not just during the “road accident” but hours later when the rescue personal arrive to the scene. It happen to me a few years ago in a trip in South America, our car got very damage in a head on colission and hours later the Police Car was crashed by another car, while inspecting the area. The reason? Lack of preparation regarding how to do a proper recovery .

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