How do I become a Paramedic?

How do I become a Paramedic? Paramedics perform vital life saving activities on our roads. The Arrive Alive website and this blog are updated regularly on the latest accidents and emergency evacuations – and the public often participate in their responses to these stories.

In 2007 we posted a story under the title “A day in the life of a South African Paramedic.” Many positive responses from the public followed this blog story and several youngsters have since enquired as to how they can become paramedics.

I raised a few questions with the experts from Netcare 911 to assist these youngsters in their quest to consider this career. The information provided include the following:

There are 3 major divisions or qualifications (Basic, intermediate and advanced life support) of emergency care practitioners at present in South Africa. All emergency care practitioners register with the regulatory body – the Health Professions Council of South Africa – This body lays down the requirements for training institutions and scope of practice.

There are two routes to becoming a advanced life support paramedic at present, one is to pursue the in service training route of obtaining a qualification then gaining practical work experience before progressing to the next level of training. The alternative is to enter a B-Tech program at one of the universities presenting the curriculum and exiting 4 years later with a advanced life support qualification.

In-service training:

1st Qualification – Basic Life support (BAA)

This course is presented over a 6 week period and at the conclusion of the course the successful candidate can administer oxygen and oral glucose, they are proficient in CPR and AED use, delivering a baby and safely extricating a patient from a motor vehicle accident. They are trained in the management of medical conditions as well as how to treat a trauma patient. This qualification is the entry level requirement for those who want to work in the emergency medical services. Netcare911’s School of Emergency and Critical Care presents this course at all of our 3 campuses in Midrand, Durban and Nelspruit.

2nd Qualification – Intermediate Life Support (AEA)

This course is presented over a 13 week period and includes a 6 week practical rotation. At the conclusion of the course the successful candidate in addition to all the BLS skills can perform ECG monitoring and defibrillation as well as performing several invasive life saving techniques. They are allowed to administer life saving inhalation as well as intra venous medications. This qualification is the entry level requirement for those who want to work in the emergency medical services. Netcare911’s School of Emergency and Critical Care presents this course at two of our 3 campuses in Midrand and Durban.

3rd Qualification – Advanced Life Support (CCA)

The CCA course is presented at the SECC’s Midrand campus over 10 months. The ALS course is exceptionally challenging and the successful candidate will be able to handle any emergency with confidence.

[Visitors to the Road Safety & Arrive Alive Blog are invited to respond and raise their questions on any specific aspect that might require further clarification. A word of appreciation to Netcare 911 for the information provided.]

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  1. Hi
    Please can you inform me whether my son Bevan Summer would be able to complete a paramedics qualification in Cape Town next year?
    Thank You
    Cindy Summer

    • hi im 24 yrs old lady,based in Johannesburg and i would love to study paramedic course.Would you please provide me with more infomation of how to start.i’ve got matric and drivers licence awaiting for pdp.I will appretiate it.with thanks Victoria

      • Iam done my first to level in first Aid.I want to know if I can be abble to do the Ambulance Assistant, where can I do it and what qualification do I need to have to through this training?

      • Hy.. Im based in johannesburg, and i want to study paramedics, so can u help me?.. Plz reply

      • Go to bara you ask the they will give you information

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      • Hi my name is nomsa I stay in johannesburg I’m interested in doing paramedics can you please give me full information and the fees and tell me where can I find the school thank u please reply

      • I would like to study a paramedic here at Cape Town, on 2012, Unfortunately I can’t afford to study, I wish to get a learnership. thank you for your concideration

      • I would like to study paramedics in Cape Town or Pretoria can u please assist me if guys have schools in these town nd what subject must I have for me study .Thank you.

      • Hi am 37 years old, and would like to know if i still qualify to study paramedic courses. I have matric and work as admin but still have a heart in paramedic

  2. My daughter Eunice is currently in Grade 11. (Subjects: Afrikaans, English, Mathematics, Accounting, Biology (Life Sciences) and Science.)
    All she wants to do is becoming a paramedic. She wants “In service training”. What do we need to do?

    • Hi I would like 2 study as a paramedic in cape town I’m in the medical field already an has done first aid,home base nursing an hiv management. I also have my drivers license an waiting 4 my pdp, I would like to do the in-service training program so I need you to tell me how 2 go about doing it , locations, costs an tme periods please. Thanx hope to here from you soon

    • I would like to study BAA Iam in Gauteng.I like to know when you registration start,where is the nearest training center and what qualification must I have to go through the training?Please can I get the reply SAP.

    • hi i am johannes 20yrs, i lyk 2 study a paramedic at midrand so plz can u guyz provide me abt info so tht i wll be able 2 undrstand where 2 start, i wll be thnkful if i could get tht info, coz i’ve got a matric nd drivers licence wth public. Hve a sweet nd simple day

  3. Im an ILS paramedic working at 911 for 8 years. Any one that wants to become a paramedic must know that this is not a job or your work,this is a calling.u work under strainous conditions but at the end of the day it is worth it.

    • Hi Jacques
      I am a 30 year old lady. All my life I have always wanted to be a paramedic – my mother and fiance have both tried numerous times to convince me why I should not persue this profession in SA……but you are the first person that explains my exact reason why I want to do this…..its a “calling”! This is EXACTLY how I try to explain it to them, but they just dont get it. Everytime I see an accident seen or an ambulance with lights pass me….I get this feeling that I just have to be there….I have to be a part of it… was my purpose…..its a calling and its in my heart! Unfortunately, due to my age, and now having a house to upkeep and children to feed, I couldnt possibly leave my current job and study full time. Can a still qualify to become a paramedic part time? I would really appreciate advise from a professional and someone who understands😉



  5. hi am a Zambian lady currently working with an emmergency project here in Zambia and I really love what am doing.
    Could you please send me information on how I can do all the three qualifications although I have done the first here already and the fees and at which college it would be and which state or province.
    thank you.

  6. I am a BAA and want to complete my Paramedics course. This is my dream, purpose and I believe my caling. If anyone could help please do. I am currently a volunteer.
    Please give me the information needed.

  7. HI



    • I am a 19 yrs old lady. I would realz like to study paramedic. I want to know what are requirements needed. And busaries are they available. I would also like to know the institution here in Cape Town.

  8. My daughter is interested in following a career in Emergency Services (as a paramedic). Please point me in a direction to ascertain the paths to follow. She has already completed Level I and is scheduled to do her LevelII in February 2009.


  10. To Whom it may concern

    I’m currently a stand-by medic at our emergency services in Windhoek! I am looking to further my training and get my BAC qualification, then some day advance after completeing my in service hours!

    Please forward me any information that can be helpful!

    With thanx in advance

  11. I will refer this to our colleagues at the Netcare Training Facility:

    Keran Lockwood
    ILS Instructor, Midrand Campus
    Netcare Limited
    Netcare 911
    River View Office Park
    410 Janadel Avenue
    Switchboard: +27 (0)10 209 8911
    Fax: +27 (0)11 695 9658

  12. I would like to become a paramedic. I feel this is my calling and the more i think about it and read about the stronger i feel. i am currently employed and am prepared to resign my job to follow this dream, believing that this is where God wants me to be. Can anyone please assist me here.
    i need advise on how to get started here, who do i contact, where do i go. I want to start this as soon as possible. Please help me.
    Thank you, Lana.

  13. Hi guys,i have just finished my matric and i would like to know about the requirements and the fees for me to join your campus

  14. Hey, I’m 13 and wish to do a first aid course somewhere! I’m going to be a paramedic when i’m older, i believe it’s my true calling. I do first aid at my school. But wish to further it. At what age can i do level 1 and 2’s ? Regards, Max

  15. Hey, I’m 13 and will be a paramedic. I just want to find out at what age can i do Level 1 and 2, and at what age you can take BAA course. I really enjoyed that article on “A day in the life of a paramedic”, it made me really want to become a paramedic right now. Look forward to a reply, All the best, Maxwell Cohen.

    • l am a Zimbabwean lady and would love to do the paramedic course.what are the requirements,cost and,how do l go about it?l have a diploma in General nursing but not practising here in South Africa.l am looking forward to hear from ou and can start asap.

  16. HI there
    i live in the midrand area just finished high school i would like to know, i have my level one in first aid and i am 18 i would love to further it would love to know where i could get the training and my 1000 hours too
    would like to know more
    thanks for your time

  17. Hi there. I am from the UK and am currently backpacking. I have a friend who has just completed the level 3 course. Being a paramedic was an option I was looking into back in the UK but after speaking to my friend I believe it is viable for me to train and work in South Africa. Please can you mail me any info. Like when courses start, what costs are involved or is there a way of getting a grant?? I’m very keen to stay in South Africa but only if I can form a career here that I believe will make a difference.
    Thanks in advance for your help.


  18. Hello
    I am a paramedic from Ireland i am planning to move to South Africa at the end of 2009 i would be grateful if you could send me any information on further advanced training in the Durban area that i could do. I have mailed some of the tech colleges but i am still waiting for a reply. My boyfriend is South African with an Emergency Medicial Technican dip. and he would also like to continue his training to a more advanced level any help you could give me would be much appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you. DEE

  19. Hi there, i am a lady living in Midrand and have completed most of the First Aid courses and would like to further my studies. I want to be a paramedic and i feel this is a calling because each time i read and watch articles of paramedics i believe this is were God wants me to be. Can anyone assist me i need help such as were do i go ,who do i contact.

    Please help me i need this opportunity in my life,because everything i do in my life does not go well but if i start this career i feel everything will run smoothly
    i look forward to your help.

  20. The best contact would be:
    Keran Lockwood
    ILS Instructor, Midrand Campus
    Netcare Limited
    Netcare 911
    River View Office Park
    410 Janadel Avenue
    Switchboard: +27 (0)10 209 8911

  21. Hi,couldplease provide me with the telephone numbers of any school that is available in durban for training paramedics.Thank you

  22. good day…
    im from Plett and would love to know where is the closest institute that gives the ILS and ALS course…
    full time or part-time doesn’t matter…


  23. Please give me all the information possible on how to enroll my-self in the Academy or Institute where I’ll be able study for the Paramedic course(Entrance fees & Tuition). I’m currently in Durban and I would like to know more about how will I be able to get employment after I complete the course (Wages), but mostly I want to find out if there are any learning programmes for individuals who are interested in paramedics and Lastly do you provide casual work (like an experience of some sort) for people who are already enrolled in the Paramedic Course.

  24. I am currently in grade 12 and would like to become a paramedic. Can I do in-service training in Cape Town? Can you give me the contact details.


  25. The best contact would be:
    Keran Lockwood
    ILS Instructor, Midrand Campus
    Netcare Limited
    Netcare 911
    River View Office Park
    410 Janadel Avenue
    Switchboard: +27 (0)10 209 8911

  26. Hi, pretty much the same as above. Daughter very interested, wants to know what qualifications are needed to be a paramedic, how to go about applying, how much, where and when.
    Kindly provide me with the necessary info.

  27. hi there i’m marcus tshepo thulare, i wanner be a paramidec what must i do where must i start i’m working at midrand i live at springs.



  28. Hi i have done my CPR/AED/First Aid – Infant/Child/Adult Instructors course in Grand Cayman Island and would like to go on to become a peramedic. Could you help me with more info please. I am living in Namibia at this time, and can’t find any place that can help me.

    Thank you

  29. can u please send me more informaition as in were do i get the training and how much is the whole coarse, and how do i register

  30. I’m 29 years old, i’ve got matric certificate, I need to do training for paramedic, what must i have to qualify? Can u please send me more information about how, when & where to apply.

  31. I am 20 years old, i’ve got matric certificate, I need to do training for paramedic, what must i have to qualify? Can u please send me more information about how, when & where to apply.

  32. Hi, im almost 20 years old and i want to train for a paramedic in midrand. Its really my dream and I am aware of what it takes. I just have a problem. My mom is a single parent with a small salary, I wont be able to pay the fees at the moment, will I be able to get a study loan or something?

  33. Hi

    My step son is interested in doing a course in paramedics, we live in Fourways. Which is the nearest place he can do his course and what are the requirements to do this course and how much does it cost.

    Please help

  34. hi
    my sister want to persue her studies in paramedic ,but she want the paramedic school around the eastern cape.please help where can we find this school here in the eatern cape

  35. Hi,

    I reside in Cape Town and is highly am interested in doing BAA, AEA & CCA courses. Is there an institution in Cape Town that offer this in-service training?


  36. Hi, my sister will be relocating to Johannesburg soon & wants to become a paramedic. Can someone please send me information as how to go about doing this…..

    • I have done my BAA training, I want to train as AEA, where can I continue with my training and what are the admission requirements?

      Thank you

  37. my wife is 21 yrs old and her dream is to be a paramedic, will you please send me the more INFO. and include the financial requirement as well.

    • In Hamaskral these a school that trains student that want to become paramedics.First of all the financial for the BAA cost R5000,00 for 6 weeks and R8000,00 for the AEC.Another school you can find it at BARA the school name is Funda center the cost Registration fee is R2700 and you can pay another money later,but the closing date is the 22 of January 2010.GOOD LUCK

  38. im interested in doing all the levels 1-3,being a paramedic is my dream and i also have a passion for it,i finished my matric 2008,please send me the necessary info:tuition fees how does one qualify being a paramedic,i passed my matric with a diploma.hope to hear from you soon.have a nice day bye:-).

  39. hi! i am interested to be a paramedic i would love to know about the price of the course and how wil i qualify and the form 2 aply for 2010. i have a metric and i am 24yrs old lady.

  40. evenin,i would like to find out on how to become a paramedic,including the fees,courses,accomodation and where the nearest training centre is.I live in carletonville/merafong city. Name:Thuto Keitebetse

  41. I’m planing to study this paramedic course this coming year 2010, can you plz send me the information about prices of the course and how to apply on the website. Thanx u.


  43. Hi my husband is 23 years old he has a diploma in BAA he completed on 2006 and he ‘s strugling to find a job. Would u help him and find job for because he is stresful about getting job. THANX 4 YOUR TIME. FROM NQOBILE MITI. Acornhoek in mpumalanga

  44. Hi I’m currently 18 years old and just completed my matric. I was wondering where I could find an accredited training course to become a BAA paramedic in Cape Town. I checked the NetCare website and it seems that they only cater for Johannesburg, Durban and Nelspruit. Is there any place in Cape Town which is well known?
    Please e-mail me contact details if possible.


  45. I want to pursue a caréér in nursing but i don’t have more information about it could u send me more detail about it as well as their price list

  46. I would really appreciate it if i could get further info on paramedic training in the cape town area, e.g location, duration and price, etc, because i would really like to start the course as soon as possible.

  47. Hi iam a Namibian and iam very much interested to study Paramedic but i dont know where can i study the course where by after comletion i will get a achelor Technology in Paramedic. I want to study as from this year please!

  48. Hi i finished my matric in 2007 nd need 2 persue my dream of becomin a paramedic can any1 help me pls im very much stranded dnt knw what 2 do.any where in Pta would b fine.Thanks id b very greatfull if any1 go thru ma comment.

  49. The fees for the AEA course are so exhorbitant. I’m unemployed and I only managed to do the BAA, but am stuck as I dont have the R26000 required to further or advance my career in the Emergency Care industry. Could someone out there help. Could you please assist with the admissions to ECT programme.

  50. Hi i’m wealthy rammala living in pretoria n would love to do a paramedic course.i’ll like to know how much the course cost.

  51. Hi,
    i have a diploma in clinical medicine here in Zambia but would love to train as a paramedic and work in south africa.Where do u place pipo like me?How much do i need and for how long do i train and where?


  53. Hi,

    I would like to start a paramedics course in Cape Town next month. Any pointers in the right directin will be very much appreciated.


    • Hi my name is given am from ermelo I have a first aid level3 so I want to be paramedic I want to know what mast I do

  54. i would like to follow a career in paramedics, but i don’t know were to go, i live in gauteng and would appreciate it a lot if you refer me to a place near Gauteng

  55. Hi ALL,

    I am recruiter looking to recruit paramedics, I have various vacancies ab=vailable for qualified BAA/AEA,must have done maths in matric or accounting.

    Good salary.

  56. hi i am looking for a place to study paramedics in cape town.if you could send me a bbrichure,and what the dccostr of suchh cours would be.
    how long will this course be.


  57. i would like to follow a career in paramedics, but i don’t know were to go, i live in gauteng and would appreciate it a lot if you refer me to a place near Gauteng

  58. My son Elario La Foy is currently in Grade 11. (Subjects: Afrikaans, English, Maths Literacy, Life Sciences, Life Orientation, Bussiness Studies and Eng. Drawings and Graphics.)
    He would like to become a paramedic. He is required to complete 3days “In service training” during the period 13 June’2010 and 09 July 2010. What do we need to do?

  59. Hie, I am a 29 year old Zimbabwean currently residing in South Africa. I would like to become a paramedic so will u please tell me what is requred since i am a foreigner.

  60. Good day,

    I am a BAA and I would like to become a B-Thec Paramedic, my challenge is that I don’t have a good metric in the subjects and also I don’t have biology. I am 23 years old and I am asking if there is a way I can some sort of entry exam to, or must I become an AEA first to qualify to do an entry exam so that I can do the B-Thec coerce…
    My BAA results were good.

    Thank you for your time.


    Gert P Cronje

  61. I am passionate about bieng a paramedic,i have drivers licens and pdp.I would like to start ASAP please provide me with the ralevent information how much is the couse and the duration

  62. Hi Iam a 34 yr old female and desperately want to become a paramedic. Iam aware of the paramedic training they offer at St.Johns and Vincent Palloti hospital in Cape Town but i need to know the cost, duration, age restriction and the demand for paramedics in CT. This is my calling and all i need is your guidance. Thank you

  63. Hi i resident in Cape Town need to now who can get internship for paramedic im very interested to this i did a one year course of compuerized business management in MTHATHA in 2008 i will be very much glad if this ca be considered

    Thank you

  64. Can you please let me know where in Cape town I can study paramedic. no one can give me this info.please.

    thank you

  65. I need some information about paramedic training; where, when, costs, what applicant need to qualify, etc.

  66. Im a 21 year old lady in the north west province,i would like to become a paramedic,i passed my matric in 2006,and i would love it if u provided me with the relevent info.


  68. I am currently working as a nurse and love my work, i want to study paramedic is it possible for one to study part time

  69. Hi im a 24 year old fitness coach who wants to study to be a paramedic in Cape town?? i am Irish and not south african so can you also help me with the fee’s and terms which i must work to

  70. I would like to have the information on the course’s to enrol as a paramedic. And the fee’s ect and when next regrestration dates are.
    Thank you

  71. Hi, i would like to get more info about paramedics and related courses because i would like to become one. I have passed matric in 2006 with an exemption and currently also have a drivers licence ( code 10). If anyone is able to assist please do so and tell me of any centres that are in soweto (currently residing there) which i can attend for training plus related costs……

    It will be highly apprectiated…

    Many thanks

  72. Ek is 35 jaar met kode 14 plus pdrp en matriek.Ek wil baie graag n paramedic word maar het nie geld om vir die kursusse te betaal nie want eks tans werkloos.Kan enige iemand my dalk advies gee.

  73. Hi Guys,
    Wanting to persue a career as a Paramedic…Where can I study in Johannesburg..
    Any suggestions and advice..

    • This is my calling to be i dnt have good results.i am doing N1,what should i do 2 qualify for first level,cost

  74. I’m really desparate please help me I did the full paramed
    ic course way back in 2001 but the college I attended was
    not registered.I now want to contineu with paramedics
    what should I do I have all the certificates.please help me

  75. I reside in Cape Town, Blouberg and is interested in become a paramedic. Where can I start my BAA, AEA & CCA courses. Is there an institution in Cape Town that offer this as an in-service training?

  76. Hi, I already know about the process of becoming a paramedic but what I need to know is how much does it cost. BAA, AEA and ALS.

  77. Hi my son is currently doing grade 11. Subjects: Business economics, accounting,Life science, Mathematics Literacy, English, Tswana and Life orientation please can you advice on what to do to become a paramedic.

  78. I have matric qualification and I want to b come a paramedic one
    day please help me may any one send me the information and

  79. Hi, Im Sabata from Evaton Vereeniging, Im 26 years old and I like saving lives. I want to study paramedic, now I want some advise and know where to study.

  80. Hi? I’m passionated guy in paramedic study residing in pretoria so i want to know if i can find any net care school and how much do i have to pay around pretoria.

  81. hi i want 2 rergister dis month 4 basic ambulance course i’m in johannesburg i cn’t seems 2 find the school where can i go Thnks hav a great day

  82. i am an unemployed trained paramedic so i need help with that but i have passed my training (BAA).i dont have a drivers licence i live in Gauteng

  83. Hi I am in matric at the moment and would like to be a paramedic. Please advise what is needed to become a paramedic and where I can get more information in Durban regarding the courses and costs of same.


  85. Hi there ,can someone e mail me information regarding da basic
    Paramedic training course,fees,duration of da course
    Your help will be appreciated

  86. Hi i wud like 2 becum a paramedic nxt yr, so wud u pls send me info about it so dat i cud start as soon as possible around northwest,rustenburg.Thanx By Petunia Khoza

  87. hi i would like to became a paramedic but for part times because i am working now but i can do on saturdays and sundays i stay at gauteng johhannersburg please send me the details of the schools near my area prefferible GERMISTON&ALBERTON PLEASE SEND ME THE ALL THE COST, BUT I DONT A MATRIC I ONLY HAVE A GRADE11

  88. Hi there. I am currently finishing my grade 10 doing English, Afrikaans, Life Oriantation, Life Sciences, Computer Application Technology and History. I have got a level 3 first aid, and really looking to do a BAA course. I have just turned 17, and i was wondering if there is age requirement for me to obtain this? If not, where do you suppose i can obtain this qualification in Cape Town? Many thanks

  89. i will really like to study doing a paramedic
    cause where i am now i think they now enough
    so for me to get a chance of being it will change lot of lifes please help cause i got matric with my drivers licence only at the momemt i need a school in mpumalanga pls help poor sipho to get what he is crying for i will appreciate thank you

  90. I am a young 22 year old lady saving towards doing a Paramedical cousre.All the schools in Durban that i have aproached to enrol in have turned me down with responses such as “We do not have finacial aid from the Goverment to offer the course next year” and “our classes are currently full and details for the next semester is not yet available” . I have tried the telephone directly, my local schools and the internet with no luck. Its fustrating because i am passionate about this yet it feels as though all my attempts result in me running in circles chasing my own tail when i am clearly aware of the fact that i dont have 1.

    miss Tp Zuma

  91. hi again i dont have grade 12 i only have grade11 but i did study grade12 and failed i really love this job of basic ambulance assistant i have a learners and going for my licence which is code 10 please help with the school and tell me the fees of the whole course thanks

  92. Can I please get more information with regards to studying Paramedics course, I unfoturnately failed my matric and need to know if I can be addmitted to enroll on this course,how much and how long does it take?

  93. hi i`m 20yrs old gal i want to study paramedic next year and i`m at north west can u tell me the good school,fees and where i could contact them.i will be appriatiate for your answer thank you

  94. hie can you please help me. i am a registred nurse in Botswana. i want to start training on paramedic course. what are the reqiurements and costs of training? when is your next intake?

  95. Am a 32 year old South African man, studying in Mozambique(Varsity). For sometime i’ve doing different courses in Basic health and first aid, etc… I have always been interested in saving lives, Now am considering doing paramedics course..

    Please help!!!

  96. hi my name is elizabeth. i m 34 year old. without a matric. and i m intrested in doing paramadic course. is it possible for me.

  97. Hi i just completed my matric, can someone please let me know when the training starts at the school of emergency and critical care(SECC) in durban and how i can apply if its not too late, please email me asap.

  98. Hi
    Please help me i have Matric and are very interested in becoming a paramedic. please let me know how and is there any bursaries available.
    thank you

  99. A nice greetings to the management of SECC’s,i have just one question for you,stated:i am very interested in becoming one of the effictive life saver,so as now i am working and i kind of don’t have enough time in my hands,so my question exactly is:how do one study or do the course via part time,and how long does it take to complete the course if you’re doing it part timely?i am mostly referring to 1st qualification .i.e. BAA,your answer will be appriciated,thank you very much

  100. Hi.Pliz help me on finding the information i want pertaining Paramedic ALS Training in SA. Currently im practising in Zimbabwe as an ILS. We dont have any school that provide ALS. Thanx in advance

  101. i have a valid drives licence with a pdp code 10 i jast want to sturdy a paramedic cause bt i dont knw where.please help me my number 0735646774

  102. hi i wud like to apply for paramedics 2011 plz send me any thing with info via my email as i wud love to apply before th end of this mnth thnx

  103. i have matric and working of lisence. since i was young i had a dream of becoming a paramedic. i would like to know when and where can i study im in pretoria. please help

  104. Hi, My friend’s son just completed matric a have a drivers license, he is willing to study paramedic.
    please send me info including costs and place. he is staying in jhb.

  105. Hi i would love to study to be a paramedic i am 37 year old, and realy intrested to study in that feeld any advise how where how much , i am working is well 5 days a week , is it any online course which i can do in the mean time, or short courses one after another one please give me some information , thank you

  106. hi,i would like 2 train as a paramedic ,im a zimbabwean but living in namibia at the moment,i would love 2 take up this as soon as possible.pliz inform me about the costs,qualifications,training centres, etc

  107. hi im zodwa sibeko nd mmy dream is 2 be a paramedic,i passed my matric lst year nd nw because of leak of infirmation im nt studying,so can u plz give me information of hw 2 become a paramedic nd cost of training a.s.a.p!plz

  108. Hi my name is bennet i am 27 years old based in Pretoria and would love to save lives by becoming a paramedic please give me all the guide lines on how an aspiring young man like my self could find himself in that uniform saving lives.

  109. Hi,my name is Mamello Mpelo, im busy studying Human Resource Management and this is my final year so next year i will like to study Paramedic in Pretoria East Netcare hospital.Please assist me with more information and i will like to know if are there any bursaries available.

  110. hi
    am 26 yrs of age based in pretoria i would love to do parametic, can you please sent me more info about this course, the cost, training, where can i study and after how many yrs would i qualify to be the parametic

  111. Hi
    i complete my BAA course last year 22 december at Netcare 911 in Durban Campus.i got the certificate,i want to do my service hours.i based at pietermaritzburg where can i do my service hours.

  112. I’m a young lady staying in pretoria central,i want more information about paramedic and do you have bursaries to offer please send me information.thank u

  113. helo my name is takie,m from pta n id like to start ma paramedic course with u,can u give me the info where to start.

  114. i am a 24 year old, i studied first aid level 2 and 3 apperently my certificate expired in 2009. i want to be a paramedic, where do i start? please give me all the information regarding the course, fees, duration and accomodation. around PRETORIA

  115. I have done BAB at Devries college,but cannot get a job because they say it is too basic I must have intemediary course where do i do that course and how much does it cost?I have code c1 and pdp am desparate to do this course but must be in gauteng,nortwest limpopo or mpumalanga colleges I have matric.

  116. Hi. I just completed a BAA course recently and I want to know which code for driver’s licence will be highly recommended to gain me better chances to apply for above position in both various private instutes and manucipalities

  117. I im 19 years old i got a certificate for home based care,it includes 1st Aid level 1,2 and 3 I would like to know where i can study BAA and how much this would cost as well as when exactly do the coarse start.Im from capetown

  118. I am 18 years old, currently working as a pharmacist assistant but would like to become a paramedic. I will be doing my first aid level 1, 2, and 3 next month thereafter i will do my BAA, could you please inform me on were is a good place to find a job as a BAA.

  119. i wana study paramedic at nelspruit or midrand so can u send me information of prices of the different prices(BAA,BLS,1st aid 1,2&3)

  120. I’m in the Eastern cape provice at East london so i would like to know of the closest school where i can go and study Paramedic

  121. am a kenyan redcross volunteer and i would like to enrol as aparamedic student
    let me know how to go about it

  122. am akenyan redcross society volunteer and i would like to enrol in paramedic training
    kindly let me know how to go about it , the fee and any other requirement

  123. Hi

    How much is the fees for the Intermediate Paramedic Training and how soon can someone start training?I would like to train either in Durban or Cape Town.

    Please advise the soonest providing as many details as possible.

  124. Hi ,at da age of 12 I injured my ryt eye,i dnt hav any sight in dat der any way I can still becum a paramedic?its sumthin I reali wana do.

  125. I feel this is my calling and the more i think about it and read about it the stronger i feel.I need some information about paramedic training; where, when, costs, what applicant need to qualify, etc.I would like to know if there is an instution in Free State which can offer paramedic courses.

  126. Im a 20 year old lady, completed matric in 2009 and i would love to become a paramedic. Pleases send me details on how to apply. Thank u.

  127. hello, l am a zimbabwean lady wishing to study nursing or paradmedics l donot have any idea where to start which colleges should l apply to and documents needed for one to stay in south africa.PLEASE HELP…….THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES

  128. hy am quet intrestet in becoming a paramedic bt i dnt no wer 2 go 4 the course or the school .can u send me the details

  129. Hi im 21 years and im intrested on doing paramedic courses,and i have matric i need information on that,so that i will know where to start,bt i needed to study it in johannesburg this year.

  130. i would love to study the basic life support course, however can only study part time, please let me know if this is possible at a centre in pietermaritzburg, thanks

  131. I would like to have more information about being a paramedic.All about the fees for all course and where should i go and the requiements.

  132. I would like to become a paramedic,can u assist me with detailed info (fees and requirements) for a place around Jburg.

  133. Hi

    I would like to become a paramedic, can a consultant please assist me with detailed info (fees and requirements) would like to do the course in the Eastern or Western Cape. Your assistance will be much appreciated….cell no 084 820 8277

  134. Hi!

    I’m interested in studying at your midrand campus, can u email me the address and contact details. I’d also like to know the fees to all programs provided and when do they start. Also kindly include the reqirements to be accepted. I’d be verry grateful if you could help me with this information.

  135. hi
    i am a registered nurse from zimbabwe. can u tell me how i can train to become a paramedic and the following;
    1. costs
    2. duration
    3. any other requirements, (i am using an asylum seeker permit)
    4. any exemptions i may get

  136. Hey me realy want to do a paramedic course,can i pls get more info on where 2 go or who 2 contact,im in Cape Town bt is willing 2 relocate or travel 4 training.
    Thank you

  137. i dnt have a i need to know if i have a chance to become a paramedic please help me about da answears i realy want to be a paramedic and help people in my coutry.thnx.

  138. Hi. Need some info. Do I need like first aid training before I can start with BAA. Its my last year in school. I would really like becoming a medic for the red cross or something. I have biology and normal standard math. arfikaans and english. And 2 other subjects. What else do I need. Please help ..

  139. Hi. I am a registered nurse and would love to continue into the paramedics field. Please tell me where to start. I live in Cape Town.

  140. Hi im 22 yaers old and always had a pasion for paramedics, id like to know more about paramedics and how do i apply for a bursary also like to know if i qualify for aa bursary.Im willing to travel or relocate to study paramedics.

  141. Hi my name is Obed from PTA, I realy wana do parademic so my problem is I dont knw where to start & how much does it cost…

  142. hi my name is Sifiso i have studied B.A.A, but i failed to renew my card because of financial problems, I telephoned HPCSA, and i was told to do a brush up course for one week, im based in durban and i dont know where to go and do this course

  143. I am a quilified BAA bt nw i need to study more in Medical so where can i go nw and i only need 2 volunteer for 1000 hours.plz held from KZNre in Medical so where can i go nw and i only need 2 volunteer for 1000 hours.plz held from KZN

  144. Hi,my name is Rollen.I have worked for EMRS for 18 years as an ils paramedic.I now wish to complete the als paramedic course.Would you please furnish me with details of what the cost is and venue.

    thank you

  145. Hi i am 41 years old and want to study for a paramedic but dont know how to start and what the cost will be. can somebody please answer me. Thank you

  146. HI my name is TSHEPO im 16 years old of age,after compeleting my matric i would also like to study paramedic but i dont have enough information can u please assist me or send prospectus if have any.

  147. Hi,completed my BAA and registered with HPCSA.have code 10 drivers lisence with PDP.have a grade 12.i want to volunteer live in vereeniging please help

  148. Hi, im 26yrs old lady and i wanna study paramedic, what i need is for u to assist me with full info lyk, requirements, institution, fees, etc… I reside in Welkom

  149. Hello i’m aggery from pretoria i would like to study paramedic,what most i do….please urgent respond needed.

  150. I am 18 years of age living in Newcastle Kwazulu Natal. I am currently a BAA registered with the HPCSA.
    I have tried the Netcare branch here in Newcastle, but they aren’t able to assist me with voluntary hours needed to study further due to me not being of age to obtain a PDP. Is there any other place that I can try where PDP isn’t a issue?? Please help

  151. Pls can you send me information about paramedic.can you tel where in pretoria, cost when.I did MATHS,BIOLOGY,PHYSICS, THANK YOU…

  152. Hi, I am a phyisiotherapist with 11 years experience. I would like to obtain a certified qualification in Paramedics. Do I have to follow the complete course or is there a bridging course for healthcare practitioners such as myself. I have covered indepth Anatomy, Physiology, kinesiology, physics, ICU, Trauma, etc in my curriculum as a physiotherapy student. Will i get credits for this? will i be able to study part-time?


  153. Hi i am around cape town,i would like 2 become a paramedic 1 day bt i havent done well on my matric,what cn i do 2 become a paramedic n how much is it.plz help!

  154. hey i want a career in paramedics. I have matric in MATHS, SCIENCE AND BIOLOGY. i need to know where i can go to around the vaal triangle and how much it’s aoing to cost me.Please anyone it”s URGENT

  155. I am 35 of age residing in ellisras,not having a drivers licence but having matric and m willing to study paramedics so can sumone help me with the fees i mean everything so i can study

  156. HI my counsin she is 29yrs, she want to became a paramedics can you please help her to fullfill her dreams of becaming a paramidics.

  157. Hi there,i do work at a netcare hospital, in the pharmacy. just like to find out if you can do the paramedic course part time? thanks alot. amanda

  158. Hi my name is Manogren I’m 22years old and I live in Durban. I want to study the paramedic course but I don’t know where the college is situated.I wanted to know how much would the 1st and 2nd qualification cost

  159. Hi, I have a passion for saving lives and very interested in becoming a paramedic. (I do have First Aid Level 1 qualification.) My question is, how does one cope emotionally and physcologically – especially when you are assisting an elderly or a child or even a baby?

  160. Im luking 4 a paramedic skul , can anyone help me .It must be in Dbn n’ surrounding . I’m a matriculant with drivers licence n’ a pdp. Plz help.

  161. i would like to be a paramedic, can u pls send me d requirements,the school address in pretoria central & the school fees.

  162. hellow

    i would ike to study parramedics through net care so i need more info like how long will it take n how much does it cost. i would like to know if i will find a job at netcare when i completed my course.

  163. Hi. Am Noxolo Mpalo. I really wanna do this course but i dont have full details. May u plz help by giving more info. this one is confusing. I do have grade 12 but not any other qualifications. from a desparate person.

  164. hi is it posible 4 me to volunteer with netcare.i am a qualifield BAA n am 21years old.i wont realy appriate your respond

  165. Hi im a 19 years old lady n wnt 2 study paramedic next year in pretoria,i dnt hv a driver’s licence yet,so i would like 2 knw whr in pretoria cn i find a paramedic college plz get back 2 me as soon as possible, n plz give al the important information u thnk i might need ,thank u.

  166. I have been interested in working in the health care field, specifically wanting to become a paramedic. Can you please provide me with more information about the in-service training, how to apply and the dates as well. Thanx

  167. hi, im about to leave school and i am very much interested in being a paramedic, but i would like to know much will it cost me to become one.

  168. Hi sir / madam. Can u please help futher my study as a paramedic. I have ma matric with code 10 drivers licence waiting 4 pdp

  169. I would like to know if you offer BLS courses to foreigners? Am Namibia and how do i get an application form? Is this still applying for 2011-2012

  170. My name is kamohelo alex sibeko,18 years of age.i am currently doing matric and i would like to enrol in the paramedic (BAA) course in the midrand campus for the academic year 2012.I would like to know which subjects i should excel in so that i can qualify for the course?

  171. Hi.I am a 20year old girl who’s always been interested in becoming a paramedic.I don’t have a matric certificate so i decided to work voluntary for Netcare911 for 2weeks just to get an idea of what I’d be dealing with.I now would like to do any available coarse.*Is there any way i can do a coarse without a matric for now?*
    Consulted many people but they just gave me run-around stories.I would gratefully appreciate any advice i get!!!

  172. Hi.I am a 20year old girl.Really interested in becoming a paramedic.I’ve worked vulentry for Netcare911 for 2weeks just to get an idea of what that job type intails.I do not have a matric because they do not offer completion of grade12 here but would like to start any course that’s available if it’s possible without a matric.I would gratefully papreciate any advice i recieve!

  173. I am 22 yrs old and I am very interested in doing paramedic here in cape town . What can I do ? Where can I go? Which qualifications are needed

  174. Hy i would like to join your 18 years old and i did commerce stream in high school,will you send me your starting dates,fees and full information.thnx

  175. hi. my name is ishmael and am currently doing an enrolled nursing assisstant course at netcare Pretoria, i’m considering doing paramedics next at the end of my course next year 27th of july…do i need to follow the same route of becoming a paramedic? or will ym certificate serve as an added advantage?

  176. I have visited many sites concerning paramedics and I have to say that this one really made me TRULY understand what it is all about. It is so simple,yet powerful. I am now on my journey to becoming a paramedic and now I know that I will become the best…thank you for making my decision easier

  177. Hi im skhumbuzo 4rm jhb i would like 2 knw hw much it will cost me for all 3 courses nd acomodation,i would be truly greatfull if u help me thank u!

  178. am a 23 year lady interested in doing a course of pharamedic to the last level so that il be a profetional one, so i wil like to know about the cost,duration, acomodation and the requarements?

  179. I am a young woman of 28yrs of age. I would like to know of when are the next classes of Entrance into BAA,as I have a First Aid Leve 1 Certificate.

  180. I just completed my matric this year and would love to study paramedics,can you please advice me or refer me to any netcare facility around Jo’burg or P.T.A where I can persue my career. Thanx

  181. I completed my matric this year and would love to study paramedics,my subjects are: english,afrikaans,tswana,maths studies and life sciences. Is there any netcare facility you can refer me to around Jo’burg and P.T.A. Thank You

  182. I would like to studie paramedics course can you please provide me with more information on how to apply .I am 22 years old and I stay in durban

  183. I’m a 20yr old male based in soweto , I would love to become a paramedic but I don’t have enough knwoledge on how I can go about being a paramedic.would u please provide me with information on how I could go about achieving my dream, I have matric and I’m nw working towards getting a drivers would be very much appreciated if u were to help me.Thanks

  184. Dear Sir/Madam

    I live in Cape Town and I’m interested in completing a BAA course. Could you possibly advise me on where I can receive the said training within Cape Town at a reasonable price or perhaps on the job training.

    Thank you ever so much.


  185. Hi. i just finished matric , and im intrested in saving lives . It is a pleasure for me to help people . i have helped paramedic’s before . It is a passion for me to suport people where i can . all i want to know is where to start , what do i need to do to do the studies. ii might be just 18 but i have saved allready some lifes . oh , and what does this studiees cost… please help me

  186. Hi i’m 25yrs old girl, i have a matric certificate, end user computing and code 10 driver’s license. i live in randburg (gauteng) i want to do a paramedic course this year, so i want to know the a school which is nearer and terms & conditions. can you please Email all details ASAP


  187. i’d like 2 do paramedics in nelspruit just that i don’t have information how 2 register ..can someone help please.

  188. I just wanted to find out,the cost of each course and what subjects one needed to take in Highschool to qualify for these courses.

  189. Dear can you plz provide me with cotaition, price list and direction for midrand compus for course of level 1 to 3.

  190. Hi! I wud like 2 study paramedic ‘ am around jhbI do hv a matric certificate nd a license driver’ awaiting 4pdp,,, pls provide me wid info!!!

  191. Hay im thandi juliet mokase i have complited my matric and qualifing for a higher certificate an complited my license code 10 an also having end user computing certificate i would like to study at pretoria

  192. Hay im thandi juliet mokase i have complited my matric and qualifing for a higher certificate an complited my license code 10 an also having end user computing certificate i would like to study at pretoria Im 20 yrs old

  193. Bongani from jhb city
    Management:can you please email me a prospectors or info on how to register for the paramedic course(Intermediate Life support).
    Or post to 7620 Diepenaar street soweto diepkloof zone 2 .1862..
    Plaese email fees as well.
    I can be a very hapy man if I can get the info I’m looking for.

  194. Hi i am a female who would like to study paramedic ,i am 22 years old and i stay in nelspruit. I have accomplished a matric certificate, a home based health care certificate, a CPR certificate and a computer fundamental certificate. So i know i am keen to study harder and further my qualifications as a paramedic cause its where my heart is. I also have my drivers licence and i studied maths,physics,life science,geography,life orientation,afrikaans and english. I hope u find the info relevant!

  195. I am 18 years old and wish to complete a course of paramedic.The problem that i have presently is that i don’t know where to go.I would like anyone to email me any information you get,this is my email

  196. I would like to do a paramedics course but don’t have any manner of financing for the studies. I was wondering if you guys have loans or learnerships. I completed matric in 2009 and haven’t gotten any luck with anything. Please help.
    Thank you


  198. hi im a girl of 17 years and i finished my matric last year, 2011. i will like to study paramedic around here at Empangeni or Richards bay but i don’t kow where i can study

  199. Hi.. I’m Paul a 20 year old who is intrested in been a Paramedic but I’m located in Pinetown and would like to knw the costest and contact details of the Netcare training fecility in Durban.. Would you kindly help..

  200. Good Day
    I am very intrested in becoming a paramedic, but due to me not having my matric I have been unsuccessful, can you maybe assist me by informing me of other ways that I will be able to become one, places in cape town.
    Moses Mayer

  201. Hi mi name is Phindile n im 22 yrs old i wud lov 2 join the paremadics team bt i dnt hv a matric certificate n i completed mi matric in 2009 n upgraded a few subjects so wat must i do 2 achive mi dream of bng a paremadic.

  202. Hi im Glen 4rm jhb am 23 i jst need to kwn how cn i becomea paramedic pls and i need to kwn war cn i go to sturdy paramedic in jhb pls i need to kwn

  203. Please may I have Ur Netcare911’s School of Emergency and Critical Care address and Contact numbers in Durban.

  204. hello,i want to do paramedics cours in Bloemfontein ,can u kindly send me a list of registered academies in bfn and cours fees.
    My regards
    N s botha


  206. I have done my first aid course and my level 3 now wanna do my BAA but don’t have the funds are there any sponsors?

  207. Good Day

    My niece left school in Grade 10, but wishes to study Paramedics in Cape Town. Could you please advise as to the course of action she could take. It is a travesty for youngsters to leave school in this day and age and not to complete some form of vocational studies.

  208. Sir/Madam
    I would like to apply to study as a paramedic. I’m currently working as a teacher. I feel that it is time for to move on and follow my dream. I have been trying to get to Netcare group more than 5 years but unfortunately I have not been getting any response.
    Thank you
    Jabs Buthelezi

  209. I’m 22 years old guy, i complete my basic ambulance assistance course at Netcare911 in 2011. I worked at city of Jo’burg EMS as basic ambulance assistance, i was intern. I’m looking for a job, because to be paramedic is a calling for me and i’m really passionate on paramedic field

  210. Am so determined to do this course,fully n get to know more about the road! I`ve cum across many accidents seeing people die in front of me not knowing wat to do! So I wud love to know where to study these course

  211. Iv realy,like my whole life I’ve been wanting to be a hero-safing thousands of souls out there but didn’t know were to go for infor,besides that I knew my wallet wasn’t gonna cover my studis.I’m a young lady still on ma 20s and could realy like to recive any studies oppotunities, busaries maybe?


  212. hello,

    my name is quinton if been rescues from a young age in my life if got 8 years of experince in this field. in a BAA HPCSA reg no: BAA 1134175 and realy would love to work for netcare in the Nelspruit branch,

    please let me now if it is possible

    Cell: 079 988 4742

  213. I’d like 2 knw wen r 2012 classes starting and how much does it cost all in al 4 a person like me–i have a grade a 12 cert,HOUR experiance which I no its nt neccesary and no drivers licence–im 4m soweto so I need da closes college ada dan midrent.thank you


  214. Hi am Asanda I would like to do paramedic course here in Cape town in part time bases where can I get the institution that offer part time and a learneship if posible I have a grade 12 , computer literacy and a drivers licence

  215. I, sellwane litali 26yrs of age wish to study paramedics but the matter is that i did my grade 11 failed it, so i wana know which path do i take from here to study paramedics, i am currently working at reahilwe funeral home. i desperatly need the direction to take.

  216. Am 26 of age i would to study paramedic but i dont knw the right routine to follow plz forward me details on my email i passed my grade 11 have licence and computer leterate.

  217. I am an orphan & would like to study paramedics but do I need tech. to study B.Tech & who will assist me with it since I have slight memory loss due to medication & trauma .I’ve just finished my matric 2011 by a diploma is this good enough for me to qualify/ how should I have passed maths & physics? Where can I study B.Tech in Kimberly/Vryburg if possible? Do I need a drivers license & are there bursaries /learnership to help & could you please email/send me the application forms?By the way I dn’t have a medical aid which field of B.Tech can /should I take? I am from Taung in between & Kimberly.

  218. I am 25 years of age I reside in Bloemfontein,I would like to become a paramedic,can u pls help me with da information en guatations of institutions around Bloem

  219. hey am chris just wana knw if you stil have a space for peopple who wana do the course and please can u tell me howmuch is the whole course

  220. Hi,i’m david from pretoria,i would like to study paramedic as i have passion for it so i want info about it(where to study,fees etc) i have passed grade 12 and i have code 10 driver’s licence with pdp.please help

  221. Hy I’m francis madisa I’m located at johannesburg I’m in grade 11 and I wana be a paramedic my subjects are zulu,biology(life science)business studies,computer application technology,life orientation , I wana study to be a paramedic I want to study at netcare911 at midrand. I want to know what are the marks or symbols they want. Thank you

  222. I would like 2 know hw much is da training of becoming a paramedic at st johns hospital and when is da next intake and a telephone number pls thanks

  223. i do really want 2 study tht course bt i dnt knw could i start, so plz can u send me some form 2 fill then i wll submit emadiatlly, i am dedicated fast learner hu can handle his work during his period of time. Guyz u are rocking if i could find tht job i wll be able 2 help south africa on the road accident

  224. Hey,my name is FEZILE NENE..would like to study Paramedic at Johanesburg,which college must i go to?will be hapi if i get answer asap..

  225. Hi,
    I’m Eloys Alloyd Khoza from Mpumalanga and I’m curently doing grade 12 at Hlomani secondary shool.So since I was young I wanted to be a person who helps other people life’s and I choose paramedic I had seen that is about helping other people too.Here I’m askng for someone to inform me about paramedics information and also where can I study paramedic and what is needed there also.
    Thank you for your help,God bless you

  226. Hi,
    I’m Lukas Victoria from North West province in Schweizer-Reneke & i will like to know that is it possible 2 do a paramedic course without a matric & if possible can you still get a job as paramedic after doing that coures of it.thank you.

  227. can u pls foward me the address of the college in midrand and requirements needed in other 4 me to enter the course.

  228. I want to train to be a paramedic next year. I have grade12 diploma. I did try to call the netcare training academy but they don’t give me a concrete answer, I want to know of how do I go about applying to train, fees information and if they do offer accommodation because am based in port elizabeth. Please help.

  229. Hi, I’m very intrested in becoming a paramedic, I currentlu have a career but would like to change my career to something I always wanted to doe, Im 23years of age, I would like to know waht is the salary scale on becoming a peramadic with qualifications form (BAA to CCA)

    I would appricate some feedback.

    Kind reagds.

  230. Hi i am a full time worker, but i would like to study Paramedics part time. I stay in pretoria and i realy want to become a paramedic. Could you please send me some info and who to contact please

  231. My wife is 36 and is extremely intrested in emergency services. Could she still be eligible and if she is what are the entry requirements and how much does it cost per level.

  232. I am 24 years old and wish to do a paramedic course. I live in Hermanus and would like to know where the nearest place is to study? What would the cost be? Duration? Subjects?

  233. I am a Vodacom subscriber and Discovery member. I would like to volunteer my services where needed. My mobile is 0828808721

  234. i want to do Paramedic course here in Cape Town, but i can’t afford, i wish to get a learnership, please am very desparete for this course, you can contact me on this number 073 4861 593, i will appreciate your responce

  235. Hi i(Ashley) would like to if i can get a job if i have First Aid Level 1-3 combined and what would you advice me to do to get a job cause i want to become ALS.

  236. I’m in Durban will like to know the address of the campus in Durban,also the regestration opening date for next year.

  237. Hi there I’m very much interested in paramedics but I live in langebaan,west coast.Can you please tell me where can I go for paramedic training in capetown or in places nearby me.I would appreciate it if you can help me.thank you

  238. Hello i would like anyone to give me information on were i can find a place to study for peramedics on a baa coarse in cape town i have my matric and a license waiting for my pdp thank u very much

  239. Am 21years of age and would like to know how can I apply for this course,what requirements are needed and how to get a learnership or scholarship in order to study paramedic? Am in Johannesburg

  240. Hi my name is Thabiso Peloeng, am 23 years old, I live in johannesburg. i have a BAA certificate and matric and am also registered with the HPCSA. can you please provide me with some information on how to i become a paramedic and study further

  241. I want to study paramedic in Cape town but I need a learniship please help! I want to fall my dreams helping and assting people. Please reply

  242. hey guys

    I just wanna pursue my career as a paramedics now, I’ve researched about this course and yeah I must say I’m impressed and I’ve noticed that there are 3 qualifications here which was something I never thought of….

    Anyway I intend to go through with CCA course but the problem is that I’m in Cape Town and I really really don’t have the relatives in Midrand, so to do this course what should I do? Plz Any response would be highly appreciated plz

  243. I’m 24 year old male,I would love to become a paramedic in cape town can you please give me more infomation on how to go about contacting you?

  244. Hi, my name is Lungi from East London, I’m a 36year old female who would like to do the Paramedic course from the Basic Life Support (BAA) . Please send me available addresses of institutions that offer all the paramedics courses in East London or nearer. Thank you

  245. Hi im 21 old lady based in port elizabeth, having matric and drivers liecences and pdp, so please help me with the names of paramedics shools around port elizabeth area were i can study. i will appreciate your response as soon as possible. thanks Rotondwa

  246. Hi im 26yrs and i’ve done a BAA COURSE and i got a code 10 drivers license with PDP MY problem is that i can’t find a job please help or even an intern/inservice

  247. HI good afternoon,I’m from the West Coast,Langebaan and are intersted in the BAA(PARAMEDC Course)Can you please tell me where in Cape Town can I do the course.I would like to start ASAP.THank YOU

  248. Good evening

    May you please help me ,I would like to do paramedic but I don’t know where can I attend the classes ,I’m in cape town. I just have a senior certificate with maths and physics .please help me

    Thank you

  249. Good Day, I’m a 22 year old female who would like to do the BAA course.Could you PLEASE inform me as to where I can go about in order to fulfill my goal / dream please.
    Many Thanks

  250. Hi

    I’m permanently employed but would like to do become a paramedic. I’m based in durban, is there a branch in Durban where i can do the course part time.


  251. Hi

    I’m permanently employed but would like to do become a paramedic. I’m based in durban, is there a branch in Durban where i can do the course part time.


  252. Hi I,m a 26yr old female who is willing to become a paramedic in 2013.I would love to be fed with full info on what to do. I live in Hammarsdale so I,d love to study between. Pmb and. Durban. Tnx

  253. I was so inspired by the work done by SA paramedics so much I decided to change my career and become one myself,and help save lives thank you for the info on how to
    Become a paramedic,I have one question though,does the school accept foreigners with work permits?

  254. I would like to know about the fees of the 3 paramedic Netcare911 and also where can I fine a relevent institution to register? PLEASE…

  255. At first i did not take this arive alife campaign,i saw it just as poeple who were just triying to make our lives difficult on the road,until my boyfriend had an accident because of reckless driving nd lost movement of the left knee.he kept on saying if only i took this arrive alive notices serious i wouldnt be like this today,if it was not of the paramedics he would not be alive today.since that i fell in love with being a paramedic,but now my problem is i am working and i cant stop my question is can i do the cause part time?

  256. Hi iam 22yrz old im a boy.i would like 2 do a paramedic course,im around Gauteng in Benoni plz help mi with a school of paramedics around my town and more information about school.i’ve got matric, driving licence with public driving parmite (PDP)

  257. I did find out more obout this an I will love to start on the 25 june with my first baa course can you please give me more info please

  258. Hi!
    My name is lerato .I’m 24 yrs of age, based in Johannesburg and I could love 2 study Paramedics with all of my heart I’m self driven,passionate and can work under pressure . I also hv a license please keep me posted of any coming information concerning Paramedics !

  259. Hi,i would like to study paramedic,i’m in Alberton,Gauteng. i want to know where can i study paramedic?please email me ASAP.

  260. Hey! currently I’m wrkin shifts I wanted to know about your part time courses if you’ve got, also about your paying arrangements.

    Thank you!!

  261. Iam a small boy who is doing grade 11 carently staying pretoria at hatfield , iam interested in being paramedic . Being paprmedic is what rings in my mind and iam sure that i can be the best in it , only if i have the qualification.

  262. Evening my name is Thabisile i am a married women n i am 30 yrs.staying in iMpumalanga,i ve passed ma matric with the following subject Eng,accounting,business econ,economic,maths cn i study n bcome a paramedic.plz provide me with info when,where n how much it wil cost thanx so much plz help.

  263. Hi i am 30 yrs married female staying in standerton in Mpumalanga.i ve passed ma matric with the following subject English,accounting,business economics,economics n maths.i wuld luv 2 study parameric plz provide info when,where n how much it cost thanx bye.

  264. Iam a registered general nurse,state certified midwife in zimbabwe and i want to train as a much does it cost? Thank you

  265. Please send me the address of Midrand and l already have BAA and license and 1000hrs l want to know the next intake this year and price plan for AEA thank in advance

  266. Hi I’m mawande. I live in johannesburg. I want to be a paramedic. I’ve completed my matric and I’ve got drivers licence code C1. Can u plz send me details of the netcare school in Midrand and quotatins please

  267. i,m realy interested in saving people’s lives dis is not just a job but a phone call from de creater ,i,m willing to do the paramedic courses please help me do this

  268. Hi peeps, well I’m Teboho, current matric at suncrest high. I just wanted to know how much is the course of Btech or national deploma in paramadics and universities or colleges offers the cousre in gauteng?

  269. Hey im ndivhu i would like u 2 provide m wit details on how and wer 2 get paramedic school around limpopo.i want 2 register as soon as posible

  270. At until how many years one is required to study paramedics if able, and two is matric certificate necessary via registering, an again what Standard requires for a person to first start thinking about studying paramedics

    • Hi I wanna do paramedic next do I apply am in nelspruit,I do have grade 12 and a code 10 drivers licence.

  271. Hi am looking for a paramedic school around pretoria or joburg to start in august or next year january update me with price list and the name of school.

  272. I would like to apply for the course so when is registrations and which institution should I go cause I’m in the Vaal area. Please help

  273. pleace i will love to work on this career because iam a life saver and i love saving people who are in a difficult situation please if u need some member call me on this 0742234075

  274. Hey am looking of netcare near tembisa to enrol with pls provide me with address,duration,fees and things dat u think I need to know or that may be usefull.

  275. I’m interested in studying paramedics in Port Elizabeth I please request a quotation starting dates, age requirements etc to my email address if possible thank you.

  276. I’m 19years old male, and would like to be a paramedic ,I passed my matric but I don’t find any school where I can have lessons. Please help..!

  277. I am a gualified baa & a firefighter with no experience.I am a passionate when it comes to the proffetions I have what I would like to plea for is an oppotunity in this line of work so that I can gain experience and become an eperienced personnel and be able to controbute in my community while I am persueing my will be an honor if I am given an opportunity in this field of work.please let me know if there is such an oppotunity.

  278. Hi,im a young girl who passed matric in 2010 and desperately of becoming a paremedic.i stay in Johannesburg at soweto.can you please tell me what is required of me,when does registration start,fees to pay and all that’ll be happy to hear from you soon

  279. Hi! Im claudy from limpopo m 23 wth matric n driver’s licence i would lyk to study paramedic so will u occupy me wth full information on how and where will i start

  280. Hi I’m 27 years old female from Johannesburg at Tembisa, i’ve got drivers licence.I would like to study parmedic part time and more information.Regards Sonia Molaudi

  281. Hi. I’m a grade 12 student from Johannesburg Secondary.

    I would like to know what’s the requirements in order to become a paramedic , how long is the course & how much does it cost.

    I’m really interested in this specific field & would really appreciate any source of information

    Thank you

  282. hi im 33 yrs old Man,based in Johannesburg and i would love to study paramedic course.Would you please provide me with more infomation of how to start.i’ve got matric and drivers licence awaiting for pdp.I will appretiate it.with thanks Siphiwe.

  283. Hi there,i’m in nelspruit and they already told me they dont do the corse here anymore.what i’d lyk 2 know is that how much is the full price of paramedic?and that after i’m done,how do i apply for a job?do i wait 4 it 2b advertised or what?i wna enrol 2 it next year.when should i register and where can i get the forms?thnx

  284. Hi ,im currently doing driver’s licence and also at abet school doing level 4 in east london i want you contact numbers i want to be a paramedic i fininsh doing care giving and safety

  285. Hi,I would like to study paramedic next year.Can you please help me with information about the courses and the name of schools at Pretoria? I will be grateful if i can get help soon.

  286. Hi ! It’s Abongile here. I’m a male, age 30 & would love to study paramedic, preferably in Durban. I have matric with mathematics, physical science & biology.

    Kindly assist me on how to start, weather it’s still possibly that I can start this year as well.

    Your assistance will be gadly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards
    Abongile Mqhakama
    Contact No:072 371 8039

  287. Hi!
    It’s Abongile here. I’m a malean age 30 and would like to study paramedic.

    I’ve got matric,with mathematics, physical science & biology as my main subjects.

    Kindly assist me on how to apply and weather studying this year is still a possibility.

    Your assistance will be gladly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards
    Abongile Mqhakama
    Contact No:072 371 8039

  288. Hy ,I’m a 22yrs old lady .Based in Johnnesburg and I would love to study a Paramedics course. Would you please provide me with more info on how to start. I have a metric. I would really appreciate your help. With thanx Lemogang

  289. Iam a school boy tarning 19 this year currently doing grade 11 iam enterested in bieng a paramedic can i have someone who can advise me parpaining to my career of paramedic

  290. hi thi is patrick i would like to know if is there any paramedic in the western cape that can take some one who has no money and realy want to join the course by next year and this person has finished the matric years ago and wanted long time to be one of the paramedic for his life?

  291. I am a 17 year old matriculant and i would like to know whether i qualify to register for Advanced Life Support (CCA) course and the tuiting fees required for this course

  292. hi i am patrick sinkinya in cape town i wanted to do paramedic for a long time but there was no one knows where must i go but though i want to do it,finential i dont have money coz i am unemployed but if i can find the school for paramedic trist me i can do all means to study.but please help me to find it.that will be helpfull very much

  293. M a 24years old boy who want to study for Paramedic studies,i passed matric and m busy doing driver’s licence and i’m in Limpopo,so is there any around Polokwane?

  294. I wld like to knw whr I cn optaine an applictn form for nextyear, bcz I’m really interestd. I’m a 23yr old female frm N.C in a little town called De Aar

  295. Aaa My Name is Samuel, am 23years old live in Johannesburg in Soweto.. A want to do Paramedic, But am inlack of Information about where to find school that specialise with the paramedic courses. So what I’m asking it’s help an some-more infor about where to find such school.. Please..!!!

  296. I’m a 28 year old female nd currently working as a caregiver, i would like to persue a career in paramedics. I would like to get information on requirements, training centres around johannesburg and hoe much the course would be?

  297. Hi I’m 28 yrs old lady and I would like to study a paramedic school around johannesburg,I’ve got matric,drivers licence code 10,would u plz provide with more information. Thanks PONTSHO

  298. Being a paramedic is a great career choice but becoming one is pretty much difficult the reason being there is no access of application forms so it is quiet hard and a lot of people complain of lack of information including myself.

  299. Hi my name is LORIA. I just want to know how do I apply to become a paramedic which qualification do I need to have. Am around gauteng pretoria so I would like to apply in paramedic your help would be grateful. Yours faithful Loria

  300. Could u kindly help me with the names of paramedic schools in Bloemfontein, i’d like to do a paramedic course next year.

  301. hi my name is TEBOGO MARY MOFOKENG,i am willing to become a paremadic i did buseness study n3 i manneged to pass public administration,office practrace,busennes english.Can u help me to get a paremadic learnership 2013 please.

  302. Hi!its pumlani who want to be a paramedic but idon,t knw where can i go to get the information about my dream,my birth place Eastern Cape Ntabankulu but for seeking training&education staying pmb,i’ve got grade12 certificate,drivers licence pdp is on proces,24 yrs i fully age

  303. Hi, my sister inlaw is 34yrs old sh wants to enroll @ netcare paramedic school in midrand nxt year, cn u pls email me d tarrifs. Thnk u

  304. Hi, my name is Isaac and i would like to know how can i become a paramedic and where do i study or apply. I’m from joburg in soweto. please reply

  305. Hi! may you please advise me of BAA and Paramedic institutions around limpopo or Gauteng if there is none in Limpopo.Also the tuition fees. I to register for one in December/janauary starting with the BAA.
    email me on

  306. Hi I’m 27 years of age and I’ve always wanted to become a paramedic. I got my matric and don’t know which school will accept me. I stay around Durban and I don’t know any paramedic school around the area, so can u please help me how 2 go about.

  307. Wana enroll as a baa and i dnt knw how much does it cost.n do they accept students who don’t have maths and life skills.

  308. Hi my name is mpho and im 20 years,im intrested in becoming a paramedic.where can I study it?how much does it cost?can I do it next year?please help…

  309. My name is Liziwe i would like to become a paramedic where do i study or apply, i live in Fish hoek, Cape Town.
    Thank you

  310. I’d like to know who can do this course and what the costs will be and when does it start. That’s how much I like this paige.

  311. I want 2 become a pharamedic so i was askin that they is no other institution around pretoria where i can study it, and what are the requirements of study and how much is the cost

  312. Hi,I’m 19years old male based in Stutterheim . Please help me with names of paramedic schools in Eastern cape. I only have matric.

  313. Hi am Amanda 4rm bhronkhorspruit I have much interest in paramedic,I have completed my matric last year… can u pls provide me with information abt paramedic schools around pretoria

  314. Hi i am 34 i want to become a paramedic,were in cape town do one go to apply and is it possible to study part time and do some places offer bursaries to do it.

  315. This year i waz in grade 11 and i had passed to 12,so after completing my matric am willing to study paramedic at netcare911 from limpopo plz help me…here my mail

    • Hi guys my name is lerato , I have a drivers license , I am 25 yrs of age staying around johannesburg , please guys help me out here I really want to study paramedics I can even volunteer for free its not a hobby but its my dream and I’m very passionate about this,I completed my matric 2008 , I hv a national senior certificate in banking but dats not my path! Email me at of any information!
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  316. Hi,I’m 27 yrs old I would like to do a paramedic couse,will you pls provide some more info I have a matric and N3 cirtificate with math & science but I don’t have drives licence yet only a code 10 learners licence pls help.Meisie Tshabalala from Soweto

  317. I see myself as paramedic but i don’t know what to do i have 1 2 and 3 level of 1st aid now i want to be paramedic tell which school i must register how much is it partime coz am working in the hotel plzzzzzzz

  318. hi im 26 years old and have a drivers license with pdp,i would like to knw where in durban can i study to be a paramedic,plz let me knw i love to help people and if u could plz sms me on my number 0727247679 thank u so much awaiting your reply

  319. I’m turning 28 years this coming April and I’m intrested in doing paramedic course, the thing is I’m not about the costs and where can I get school for paramedic around Cape Town/ Western Cape, I will much appreciate your response via my email adress

  320. hellow. . .i was busy reading information about paramedics ,im now interested to study this course. . . . im a boy who is 19 years old and im in grade 12. after completing secondary i want to study at the school of emergency. . .can you give me some info about how to contact and apply please. . .

  321. I would like to train for a paramedic. Please inform me of ways to go about doing this. Iam based in nelspruit. Thank you very much

  322. I would like to study Paramedic, but the problem is that i won’t afford paying the study fees. So how do i get a schoolarship or a bursary?
    Please send to me details of the school in durban , name , adress and a telephone number .

  323. How does it cost for 2nd qualification?, my younger has the first one I would like to help him to continue to the next level, thank you Ms Chiloane.

  324. Hi there i would like to start studying for a paramedic but I don’t know where to start or what to do, I am 19 years old and I would love it to further in this direction as soon as possible!!!! Can you please help me??

  325. hi my brother jst completed matric n wants to do paramedics so if thr is any infor or learnership available plz let me know

  326. Hi, i am David Mashigo, i’ll like to become a paramedic, i’m staying springs wright park Gauteng. It will be pleasure if you can provide me with institution that is near by me so can study my courses of paramedics near by where i’m staying.

    • Hy , my name is portia mkhwanazi I’m 4rm gauteng and I could really love to do paramedics so pls help me with any information! I also hv my metric n a drivers license.
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  327. I like to be one of the South African paramedic but the thing is i don’t have matric,i only have grade can i do to be one of South African herhor by saving the people lifes please i’m really enterestate on this.

  328. Hi
    I’m 28yr old based in Tembisa JHB I would like 2do paramedic training,have metric n licence als pdp I would like 2get more info pls help like whn can I register hw long d training take and qotations

    I thnk u

  329. Hi I am a 27 year old male from Johannesburg Eastreand. I would like to persue a career in paramedics I am interested in joining the team as soon as possible,so I need information as how to apply and how to get hold of the application forms, my contact details are 079 2578 592 thank you.

  330. I am 26 yrz frm mbombela,want to do paramedic course in pretoria,wnt to knw hw much does it cost.I hv drivice licence,matric

  331. Hi i’m Noxolo i’m looking for a school of paramedics around Johannesburg,and also bursaries or study loans if are any.

  332. i have a baa certificate and am working full time as a sales manager but its really not my thing i want to be more hands on but i could not attend college while am working i need help please

  333. i need 2 study a paramedics,coz since i ws young i realy admire 2 become a paramedic,because of im caring n im pupils person

  334. I would love to help save lives. I’m passionately interested in qualifiying as a paramedic. I would like to enroll with this academy in 2013 saps,I am greatly impressed with the patient service, for would be happy to be studying with you.

    How much is you 1st qualification course for…? And as well as your second and third qualification. Kindly reply by email given. Thank you

  335. Hi I am sabelo zikhali currently 20 years. I would like to study a paramedic course in durban . I completed m matric. Can u also send me the qualifications I would need to have 2 persue this career

  336. Hi I have just passed ABET level 4 and on may 2013 I will be writing 3 matric subjects that I was suposed to suplement in Year 2000. I want to know what can I do to become a paramedic? I’m in Durban.

  337. Hi
    I would like to study a paramedic course am here at Cape Town closer to Mitchell’s Plain. But I want to know where can I go for a part time training cause I am woorking and looking after my family so I can’t attend full time Training. I do have Matric with Computer and Leaners license still buy with driving license.

  338. I would like to do aparamedic but I don’t have money how much is your fees is it necessary to have a licence before you do a paramedic I realy want to do it

  339. I am a congolese male having a status of refugees as id will be possible to attend course to your college and find a job easily?

  340. hey,i’d like if you could help me with the names of the college institutions and their requirements to do the course in Meyerton,Vereeniging,Vanderbijlpark,or Three Rivers to study paramedics and first aid,please.I just completed my matric last year

  341. Hi my name is carol I’m 23 years old from Tembisa I also would love to Study Paramedic, and would really want to know about it and where can I go for the course also the amount……..

    • Hi again,I’m around tembisa n wana about de learnerships n were may I get de bursaries plz respond0837175519

  342. Am I too late to study for paramedics this year? I am very interested but had no enough information on how and where to start,I’ve got matric and drivers licence.

  343. Hi I want to study paramedics as I have all the requirements needed including a drivers license, I just don’t have time to go and register due to my 5 working days,can you please help me apply online and do a part time studying

  344. Hi i’m ncamsile ndlela.i’m 23 years of age, i’m based at durban and i would like to become a paramedic but the only problem that i have is that i dnt have money to study the course. I would like to knw if u have bursarie for people who cant afford to pay for this course?

  345. Hi I’m nandipha frm port elizabeth and I’m looking for a school to do the course I p.e and the price thank you.

  346. Im staying in joburg, would like to study a paramedic course, please can u tell me wher in midrad

    plz give me da address as soon as possible.. Please

  347. Hi, im 26years of age and iv got matric, code 10 (pdp) and computer literacy. Its my dream to become a paramedic is any where i could get bursary?

  348. Hi, im 26years of age from Bothaville and iv got matric, code 10 (pdp) and computer literacy. Its my dream to become a paramedic is any where i could get bursary or leanership?

  349. I done a caregiver course includind basic first aid can I do the paramedic course or be employed in the emergency services

  350. Hi im 24 yrz of age,black female frm durban matriculated in 2007 with senior certificate,without biology.i wuld lyk 2 know if it possible 2 do paramec n wherelse can i enrol except DUT.

  351. I will you please send me more infomation about the course , prices and where I can do it. I’m in east london

  352. I have a code 10 driver’s license and I failed grade 11. I want to know where can I study study paramedic @ eastern cape

  353. Iam morgan from pretoria . Iam currently doing my matric this year , i would like to be the health profesional in a site of bieng paramedic , i have a that it need to be a paramedic physicaly strong , fast thinker and pasiant about helping peaple to be safe due to injuries and illnes , becouse i have try it ones . The thing the confuese me is that iam doing history , life sciences and geography so iam asking that can i be able to be a para,edinc that i always wish to be ?

  354. I wanted this information for my younger sister,she did fire fighter and she want to be a paramedic. I will appreciat your help.

  355. Hi i would like to know where in cape town. I would be able to study paramedic, how much must i pay to become a paramedic actualy for the training. What grade must i have, do i need drivas licence to do the training?

  356. i im 26 yrs old female,based in sasolburg and i would love to study paramedic course.Would you please provide me with more infomation of how to start. I don’t have matric.may I still do the course ,I’m can also do the course in jhb, thanks

  357. Hi,my name is tebogo lukhele I want 2 study paramedic course pls can u provide me with imformation I only have my matric n I would like 2 go futher wth my studies.thanx

  358. Hi i want to be a paramedic and have Matric i would like to know how much is a Course and for how long and how do i pay

    • U’ll hv to do 1st aid wch is 1wk and gna cost u R1000 and 4wks 4 a BAA course wch is R6000. All nd all is gna cost u R7000-9000

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  359. MY name is thapelo chistopher mooketsi i am 23 years old i would like to study paramedic ,my main subject is physics an mathematics my last class of education is grade 11 how do i go about applying for this course how long is the course and how much reply on this no:071628 6797 thank you

  360. I want to study paramedic,can you pls provide me with more information about the fees and where can i study cause i’m around pretoria.

  361. hi im 26 yrs old guy,based in Benoni and i would love to study paramedic course.Would you please provide me with more infomation of how to start.i’ve got matric and.code10 drivers licence pdp.I will appretiate it.with thanks JOhannes

  362. hi im 26 yrs old guy,based in Johannesburg and i would love to study paramedic course.Would you please provide me with more infomation of how to start.i’ve got matric and code 10 drivers licence pdp.I will appretiate it.with thanks

  363. Good day, i am a 26yrs old black male residing in Pretoria, att/ville would like to take an advantage of an Advance life support cours. I request the fees, requirements and comencements dates of Midrand campus. Thank you

  364. Hi i’m 37 years I want to do paramedics, I have matric and drivers licence code 10, and staying in Pretoria so there is no school around it where I can study.

  365. Hi I would to pursue ma career as a paramedic and I got a matric certificate and working on on ma license now just wanna know if I can qualify to do that…Please send me more info via my email

  366. hi I am 24 yrs old guy,based in Hendrina and i would love to study paramedic course.Would you please provide me with more infomation of how to start. I’ve got matric and drivers licence with pdp. I will appretiate it. Thanks

  367. Hi there I would love to study paramedic next year because this year I’m in grade 12 so can you please hook me up with some school’s here in pretoria central or anywhere around pretoria please.your help will be much appriciated please.THANK YOU may GOD BLESS YOU

  368. Dear mrs/mr Hi,i want to become a paramedic so which university i need to go to study my studys your regards ndala lucky

  369. am a 18tn year old girl i finished ma matric lastyear so this year am looking a course 2 study so i would rily like to stdy paramedic field

  370. Good day,i am sanelisekile sokutu,and i am 22years old,also i have grade 11,i went to be a paramedic,i like that job reall more than anything,i wish guys can help me.

  371. Hi,I’m from durban and I am intrested in becoming a paramedic,could you please tell me the process of enrolling into the course

  372. I realy like to join netcare911, I have bls and am registered with hpcsa, I would aslo like to study ils if it is posible throw netcare, I have c1 licence and pdp. I have a passion to save lives, I had a distinction in bls and am sure I’ll succeed better in ils. Thanks

  373. I have level 4 of safety in society but dont have matric, i want to know wether if i will do other short courses of paramedic i can be able to be employed.

  374. I am in matric an my subjects are mathlit geography biology business so I want to know what subjects ar required because this is the career I hv choosen

  375. Davascos Arwoto
    I have learnt more about paramedics and at present working as a driver at a government hospital and driving ambulance,i want to know how can i start studying can i register and the fees.

  376. I would love to do a peramedic course but I have no matric, is it posible for me to do so? And if so where can I go to, I am in Cae town? Please reply!

  377. hi my name is Samukelisiwe Masilela. i am a 24 year old lady from Swaziland. i am currently enrolled for a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Swaziland, completing at the end of June 2013. i would like to be a paramedic. what do i need to do? thank you

  378. Hi. My name is Lyndene Robert and I would like to lead a career in Paramedics. I am a single mother, 29 years old and live in Cape Town. This was my dream when I left school but was advised otherwise by my parents. This is still my dream. My passion is to nuture and help people. Please help me make this possible.

  379. Helo! Can you pls help whr in jhb can I do paramedic..and wat subject do they want.I hv matric and licence.for how much?

  380. I want to study basic ambulance assistant course where can i get a financial assistant plz im in matatiele

  381. Hi i am a 21year old guy from free state with matric and i would love to study paramedics so the problem is i dont know where start as i dont have all the infomation i need…please help

  382. hi,am busisiwe hulushe 20yrz old live in Eastrand .i have BAA i really need a job even if its voluantee and i want to do ALS How much cost

  383. Hi good day,I would like to ask about paramedic couse in fact I want to study this couse, so please tell where can I get the college and you may also tell me how much it cost and the requirement for this couse.
    Thank u

  384. Dear sir/madam
    I am a graduate BAA but i haven’t found a where i can do my practicals, i would love to know if your campony do offer bursary/loan to do ILS or ALS ? My dream is to be ALS one of the good days because saving life is my passion. Can you please help me persuade my dream…. Kind Regards.

  385. Hi, I’m 27 yrs old lady based in Nelspruit i would like to study paramedic course .Would you please provide me with more information on how to start I have matric and learners license so I will like to get more info on wht to do, my email is, and please provide with the price list .


  386. Hi, I’m 27 yrs old lady based in Nelspruit i would like to study paramedic course with Mpumalanga Basic Academy .Would you please provide me with more information on how to start I have matric and learners license so I will like to get more info on wht to do, my email is, and please provide with the price list .


  387. Good day.
    I’m Ann. Living in Western Cape, I’v been AEA for 5 years now and would like to do advanced now. Problem is I need to do it part time. Are there any institions in Cape town who offers Advanced part time or distance learning?
    Please assist me.

  388. I would like to study paramedics around Durban so was wondering if you can be able to send me information for paramedic, like where and when can I start and fees. I ‘ve got my drivers license and the valid pdp. Thank you Zinhle Ndlovu

  389. hw can i apply for this and whn .because i wnt to start this month because im on a leave for one month and 2 weeks plz help im here in Johannesburg

  390. I really like the job it self and am someone who likes to help people as well as rescuing people from dangerous accidents,so I will be a happy person if I can be part or be trained as a paramedic.

  391. I would like to study at the netcare school,starting with BAA but I don’t knw the full amount for me to complet the course,plz help me with the imformation that I might not know of within the organisation.may u kindaly offer me a learneship if u have any because at the moment I have both physics and maths with a drivers licence on top,I was working in the defence force as an Ambulance Assistant and Driver due to the expiry of my MSDS two years contract we parted ways.may u kindly help. T.P Mogami

  392. Hi, im a still in matric and want to become a fully qualified paramedic, please help.i need application forms,paramedic school in Durban. Please reply thank you

  393. hi i am emmanuel zungu working as the security official, i have got matric, drivirs licenc and end-user computer only left now is paramedic certificate. please people let me know the total cost and training center arround mindrand.

    i would appriciate your respond please!!!

  394. Hi my name is Tinyiko Hlangwani and i love to help people and saving their life. What can i do or what are the requirement a require for me to do the paramedic course please send me more information on this course on this adress box 1185 malamulele 0982

  395. Hi am gregory 24 yrs old i completed my baa this year at de vries ambulance accademy(pretoria),so i love to volunteer in any public or private instutution so do you know where i can reguirements are:matric cert,baa crt…level 3 and 5.driver’s licence code 10 with prDp,computer literate and am registered with HPCSA

  396. Hi
    I am 20 years old,I live in free state…I’m really interested in being a Paramedic,I don’t know where to start,I need info & applications if possible

    Thank you

  397. Im 24 years old. Im staying in east rand so i would like to study paramedic. I have passed my matric. I would like to know how much is your course and which college can i enroll to? Please reply

  398. Good day

    Can you please help me start my career as a paramedic,please send me dates of the next BAA training as well as first aid ,i really want to do this as this has been my dream,,i have a passion for helping people ,please send me more info.

    Kind regards

  399. Hi! I would like to know where to study a paramedic in East london…plz tell me the names of colleges in east london to study paramedic course…plz help

  400. I would really like to learn to be a paramedic next year. I don’t have enough funds to do so but would really love to do this next year 2014 please.

  401. Hi I’m 17 and want to become a paramedic .is it possible to start now or do I gave to finish my schooling ??pls let me know asap

  402. Hi am in johannesburg in benoni i would like to be a paramedic how can i do ive matric nd licence where can i do the course

  403. Hi I. Would like to know where should I go to do Paramedic course in Cape Town? What qualifications should I have to do it? How much it cost? Your responce will be highly appreciated. Thank you

  404. good day my name is lungile patience dubazane from alexandra jhb, and would like to paramedic but cant afford it , please supply me with leanerships, and i am matriculated, and have a drivers licence, please contact me @0737741860 or011440-4706

  405. Im interested in doing BAA but have no financial support sins im unemployed, do you offer bursaries. Im in Kroonstad nd also have drivers licence.