C-track launches brand new technology for only R99.00 per month


The latest South African Police Service crime statistics for 2007/8 tabled in Parliament less than two weeks ago, suggest that as South Africans, we need to safeguard our property and our lives more closely than ever. Truck hijackings soared to 1245 from 892 incidents in the previous year and although violent crime has decreased slightly, murders still numbered close to 18 500 and attempted murders more than 18 700. This has prompted one South African vehicle tracking solutions company to delve deep into the core of its hi-tech vehicle tracking technology to develop a product that is now both accessible and affordable to the average South African consumer. It offers the promise of being the first such product that will look after both you and your car.

For the last 22 years, JSE listed DigiCore Holdings has been watchfully tracking the fleets of large bulk carriers as they traverse countries and borders all over the world with their precious cargo. It is little wonder that they count the Royal Mail, BHP Billiton, Chevron and the South African Police Services among their clients. The Active GPS/GSM (GPRS) technology DigiCore has always employed was so advanced, that in this form, it would have been much too expensive for the average consumer to afford. But, galvanized by the rising crime rate in South Africa and the need for a holistic solution for crime-weary South Africans, DigiCore’s top engineers came together to devise a product that would employ the same technology at a much lower price. They set about creating the most technologically-advanced vehicle tracking system in the country that was to bear the lowest price tag in the vehicle tracking market. It is called C-track Secure – a product that would become the symbol of superior vehicle tracking by producing the highest recovery rate. But that was not enough. DigiCore’s experts wanted to take it a step further by focusing on the driver – not just the car.

CEO, Nick Vlok says “After encountering story after story in the media about ordinary South Africans who were attacked in their cars waiting for a breakdown service or injured drivers who died after losing valuable minutes waiting for an ambulance after a collision, we knew there had to be a way to combine saving peoples’ cars with saving their lives. And so that’s what we immediately began applying our minds to – broadening our mandate and devising a plan to do both.”


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