What is the name of your designated driver?










The Arrive Alive road safety website received a interesting suggestion:

“Perhaps the following suggestion for a campaign against driving under the influence may be something you could take into consideration.

Why not start an advertising campaign here in South Africa and use ALFRED – ALCOHOL FREE Driver. Perhaps there will be time when we in South Africa will also ask our family and friends: Who will be ALFRED today/tonight?

The Dutch Road Safety Association introduced the concept of BOB – it stands for Bewust Onbeschonken Bestuurder (Consciously Alcohol Free Driver). The campaign encourages people to appoint one person in a group (whether a pair or a whole group of people) who will not drink alcohol, to stay sober. This person is BOB for the evening and is the one who drives everyone home. BOB is now so ingrained in Dutch society, that you often hear the question: Who will be BOB? Or, Are you going to be BOB? Or, I’ll be BOB tonight?

For more information (in Dutch) this is the link to the website: http://www.veiligverkeernederland.nl/nl/cms/start.htm, the follow the link ‘Zelf In Actie’ at the top to the drop down menu and choose ‘BOB’ 

Perhaps we will soon seen Alfred appear on billboards in South Africa! Kind regards”

This is definitely something worthy of our consideration! May we always use a designated driver – and remember to appreciate the responsible driver!