Runaway truck injures 5 in Mondeor

A serious incident occurred this afternoon in Mondeor near the corners of Columbine and Ormonde rd.

A driver of a large truck carrying approximately seven workers had allegedly parked his vehicle in a parking lot to go to a nearby shop. Whilst away from the vehicle a mechanical failure of some sort allegedly occurred causing the truck to roll forward.

As the truck built up speed workers in the back of the truck became alarmed at the fact of the vehicle was moving without a driver. The truck then allegedly collided with four parked vehicles in the parking lot before climbing the pavement and crossing the road. Workers franticly leaped from the moving truck. The truck then rolled down an embankment hitting trees on the way down.

When ER24 paramedics arrived at the scene they found a total of five workers scattered around the scene. Three workers sustained only minor injuries in the form of scrapes and bruises. One worker sustained a significant injury to his arm and was treated at the scene before transported to a nearby medical facility.

The other patient sustained a severe injury to his leg and was treated at the scene before being transported by a different ambulance service. Local law enforcement authorities were at the scene and will be investigating the incident further.

Andre Visser, ER24