Fatal Accident in Algoa Park

These are photos from a tragic accident that happened this morning on the corners of St Leaonard and Uitenhage Rd, Algoa Park at about 7am. It is believed that the red Kia was turning at the robots when the VW Polo T-boned them at a very high speed.

The mother and father died upon impact and the older daughter was flung out the boot of the car and found lying about 30m from the car. She was in her school clothes.  There was nothing anyone could do for the mother father, and daughter as their injuries were too great and they were pronounced dead upon arrival of ambulance personnel.

The lady driving the VW Polo was taking to hospital to be treated for minor injuries.



One thought on “Fatal Accident in Algoa Park

  1. eish I couldnt cope the whole day aftr hearing these news on Radio ths morning.Sadly enough a family has lost their lives nd leaving behind a little boy Philani a saddest day of his Life.My deepest condolences to the Him & the Family at large! *sad*

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