Van Reenen accident leaves one dead – three injured

One man died and three others were injured in a multiple car pile-up on the N3, Van Reenens pass, this morning. Exact detail to the cause of the accident and preceding events will remain a subject for police investigation and comment. Indications are that eight trucks and about twelve vehicles were involved in the accident.

Netcare 911 and provincial paramedics were called to the scene at around 06h50, when they arrived at the scene they found that the initial accident was between four trucks and two cars. Tragically one person died in this accident and another was in a critical condition.

A secondary accident then occurred between a further four trucks and two vehicles, two people were found to have sustained serious injuries. After the injured were stabilized on scene they were transported to the provincial hospital in Harrismith for the care that they required.

Fortunately no other people were injured in the other vehicles that became involved in the accident.