Paramedics urge for greater caution on the roads and near water


The season has just started and the Netcare 911 paramedics had their hands full as they have already attended to 327 vehicle accidents, 34 pedestrian accidents and eight cases of drowning in Kwa-zulu Natal from the 1st of December.

Paramedics and emergency services staff are pleading with motorists to adhere to the speed limits on the road, increase your following distances, please keep your head lights on in poor weather conditions to increase your visibility and make sure that you and your passengers wear their seat belts.

To holiday makers that flock to beaches, dams or swimming pools we have the following requests.

  • Make sure that children do not go into the water without parent supervision.
  • Only swim at designated places and where there are life guards on duty when you go to the beach.
  • Do not consume alcohol when you are going to swim.