Young woman airlifted from Etwatwa Road, Benoni

ER24 Heli

A woman in her twenties was airlifted in a critical condition from Etwatwa Road in Benoni, Johannesburg East this morning.

ER24 paramedics on scene discovered that the woman sustained multiple severe suspected fractures in a collision.

She was struck by a taxi and dragged her beneath it for several meters.

She was airlifted from the scene to Johannesburg General Hospital for urgent medical treatment.

ER24 paramedics also transported two adult patients with moderate injuries to Sunshine Hospital.

The collision apparently occurred when the critically injured woman’s vehicle was hit from behind.

As she was calling her insurance company from outside her vehicle, a taxi crashed into her and the two vehicles.

In a ‘domino effect’, approximately five other vehicles collided with these vehicles in the heavily misty area.

There were approximately 10 other patients on scene that sustained minor to moderate injuries.

Provincial Services personnel on scene transported them to various hospitals.

The incident is currently under investigation by local authorities.