One critical, three injured in truck collision at Bethlehem intersection

A man is in a critical condition and three others injured this morning after a light motor vehicle collided with a truck at the Church and Cambridge Road intersection in Bethlehem CBD.

When ER24 paramedics arrived on scene, they found a light motor vehicle wedged beneath a large truck. The truck had come to rest against a concrete roof of a nearby shop.

On assessment paramedics discovered that four occupants from the light motor vehicle had sustained injuries ranging from minor to critical. The diver of the light motor vehicle had remained trapped inside his vehicle.

Rescue services had to use the jaws-of-life equipment to free the driver from the vehicle before treatment could continue.

Once freed, paramedics treated the patients and provided the critical injured man with advanced life support before transporting them to a provincial hospital for further medical treatment.

The driver of the truck fortunately did not sustain any injuries.

It is believed that the light motor vehicle had driven through a red traffic light, causing it to collide with the vehicle.

Local authorities were on scene for further investigations.

Russel Meiring
ER24 Spokesperson

One critical, three injured in truck collision