Multiple crashes in Durban this morning

This morning paramedics KZN Emergency Medical Services and several private ambulance services responded to South Coast Road in Durban, where a bus and minibus had collided at around 06h30.

A total of 11 patients had sustained injuries, which ranged from serious to minor. The patients were stabilized on scene before being transported to hospital by the paramedics from several ambulance services.

On the M7 two people were injured in a collision and were transported to hospital, while in Inanada near Dube Village, at the traffic lights our paramedics attended to a collision between a minibus and a car.
Paramedics on scene reported that two people had sustained serious injuries and that the jaws of life were being used to free one of the patients, who was entrapped in one of the wrecks.

In a second accident on the M25, a nine year old school girl has been hit by a vehicle. KZN EMS paramedic’s arrived to find that the girl had been critically injured and they immediately initiated treatment. The girl’s condition deteriorated and they had to start CPR. Sadly on arrival at hospital the girl was declared dead.

The cause of the collisions is being investigated by the police
For more details please contact:
Robert Mckenzie
Media Liaison Officer: Emergency Medical Services