One dead, four seriously injured after two trucks collide

A man has died and four others have been left seriously injured after two trucks collided on the N2 south bound between the M41 Umhlanga and the M25 Kwamashu Highway this afternoon (2015/05/14).

Crisis Medical paramedics arrived on scene shortly after 15h30 to find absolute chaos with the driver of one of the trucks still entrapped in the vehicle,seriously injured and in cardiac arrest. Advanced life support intervention was rapidly administered and cardiopulmonary resuscitation executed. Despite exhausted efforts by our team the man sadly succumbed to his extensive injuries and was declared deceased on scene.

The second truck was found to be lying on its side with four men believed to be in their thirties having sustained serious injuries. Intermediate life support intervention was required to stabilize them before they were transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital for further care.

It is alleged that one of the trucks were parked in the emergency lane for road maintenance and the second truck appeared to have lost control and collided with it at high speed, however the exact details are unclear.

The necessary authorities will investigate further. Traffic both north and south bounds was heavily affected and the Road Traffic Inspectorate was on scene to assist.

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