Roodepoort crash leaves one dead and fourteen injured

Netcare 911 paramedics, provincial services and other private services responded to an accident on Robert Street near Main Reef Road in Robertville, Roodepoort this afternoon.

Upon their arrival on scene they found that a minibus and heavy goods vehicle were involved in the crash. The heavy goods vehicle was found lying on its side and the minibus partially pinned underneath the heavy goods vehicle.

Three occupants seated in the front of the minibus were entrapped in the vehicle and the fire department had to make use of the Jaws of Life to extricate them from the vehicle.

Upon assessment of all the occupants, paramedics found that four people were in a critical condition while two people were found to have sustained serious injuries while nine other commuters sustained minor to moderate injuries.

One of the critically injured men’s condition deteriorated at the scene and tragically died. There was nothing further that paramedics could do for the man.

The Netcare1 helicopter was activated to airlift a critically injured man to hospital for the urgent medical care, while another critically injured woman was treated at the scene and rushed to hospital for the urgent medical care that she required.

The remaining patients were treated at the scene and transported to hospital for further medical care.

Exact detail surrounding the cause of the crash and preceding events will remain the subject of a police investigation.

Traffic remains severely affected as a result of the crash.