5 Injured after taxi and truck collide near Crown Mines in Gauteng


Five people have sustained injuries varying from minor to serious after a truck and taxi collided with each other on Genesis Boulevard and corner Coach Street near Crown Mines in Gauteng.

The accident happened this morning at around 07h50.

Reports from the scene indicate that the taxi drove into the side of the Truck.

The exact detail to the cause of the accident will remain a subject for police investigation and comment.

Netcare911 paramedics and other emergency services arrived on scene and managed to stabilise the injured on scene.

All injured were then transported to various hospitals in Gauteng for further medical care.


One thought on “5 Injured after taxi and truck collide near Crown Mines in Gauteng

  1. But then, why are truck driving in the near right lane as in the picture? This is the dangerous situation where slow traffic are passed on the left hand side. I regularly see trucks dive-bombing for the middle lanes, specially at Rigel Ave on N1S and on the N3S near Van Buuren. They cannot maintain the minimum speed of 60km/h do to overloading and old age, yet they occupy the three right hand lanes!

    As soon as you commingle slow and fast traffic in the same lanes, accidents are due to happen.

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