Pedestrian seriously injured in Durban collision

Pedestrian safety pic

A man in his 30s was left seriously injured this morning after he was hit by a truck on the M7 past the Belville off-ramp in Queensburg, west of Durban.

ER24 paramedics were on scene a few minutes after 08hoo this morning, where they found both the truck and patient on the side of the road.

On assessment, paramedics found that the man was in a serious condition, having sustained multiple injuries to his legs and head.

Paramedics treated the patient and provided him with multiple advanced life support interventions.

Once treated, the patient was loaded into an awaiting ER24 ambulance and transported to RK Khan Hospital for urgent treatment.

It is believed that the pedestrian failed to notice the oncoming truck as he ran across the road.

Local authorities will be investigation further.

Russel Meiring
ER24 Spokesperson