Mother and son left with broken bones after collision

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A collision between a bakkie and a taxi occurred earlier this afternoon on the corner of Crompton and Old Main Road in the Hillcrest area, KZN. The taxi allegedly collided with the bakkie and then the bakkie drove up a sidewalk and hit two pedestrians – a mother and her son.

The mother is approximately 32 years old and her son, 13. When ER24 paramedics arrived on scene they found that both the mother and her son sustained fractures to both their legs. They were treated on scene and thereafter transported to RK Khan Hospital for further treatment. The driver of the bakkie as well as the driver of the taxi sustained no injuries and there were no passengers in either of the vehicles.

The cause of the incident remains unknown, local authorities were on scene for further investigation.

Pieter Rossouw
ER24 Spokesperson