Security guard shot and killed, Mamelodi East.

Police line

A security guard was killed this morning after he was shot on Mashiloane Road in Mameloadi East, in Pretoria.

ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene at 04h20 and found a man lying amongst some tall grass on the side of the road.

On assessment, paramedics found that the man had sustained a gunshot wound to the head. Unfortunately, the man had already succumbed to his injuries prior to the arrival of paramedics. Nothing more could be done for the man and he was declared dead on scene.

It is believed that two guards had looking after a generator when they were approached by an unknown number of gunmen. One of the security guards managed to flee in an attempt to call for help. The other member apparently attempted to fight off the gunmen.

The exact details surrounding the incident is not yet known but local authorities were on scene for further investigations.

Russel Meiring
ER24 Spokesperson