Head -on crash on the corners of Pine and Dover, north of Johannesburg.


Five people were injured just after 1pm this Saturday afternoon after a head-on collision between two cars in Ferndale on the corners of Pine and Dover, north of Johannesburg.

EMER-G-MED’s RV6, M03 and A01 arrived first on the scene to find the two badly damaged vehicles lying in the middle of the road. Paramedics immediately closed the road and began to assess the injured.

One male patient was found to be entrapped within the wreckage of the white vehicle and was in serious but stable condition. A further four patients were found on the scene, one walking around and the others lying on the pavement.

Paramedics triaged injured and found that four had sustained injuries that required Advanced Life Support care.

The fire department were called to the scene and assisted paramedics in extracting the entrapped patient using the “jaws of life”.

Once the patients were stabilised, they were transported to various nearby hospitals for further care.

JMPD were on the scene to investigate the exact cause of the collision.