Jeep Warrior Race end of an era


After an exciting three years of being the headline sponsor for the highly successful Jeep Warrior Race, Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s Jeep brand will be terminating its involvement in the Obstacle Course Racing series at the end of 2016.

Obstacle Course Racing has become the fastest growing mass participation event in South Africa and the Jeep Warrior Race has seen the running of 24 events over the course of the past three years. More than 150,000 participants have taken part in the events staged throughout South Africa. With more than 75,000 followers on social media, the Jeep Warrior Race has reached over 5 million people on Facebook alone in 2016.

Logistically, hosting of the Jeep Warrior Race each year involved the moving of 18,000 tons of soil, the pumping of 8 million litres of water from source and back as well as the movement of more than 320 tons of equipment between the year’s eight events.

The series will continue under the guidance of Advendurance who have successfully run the series to date.

Jeep wishes ongoing success to all competitors in the series and thanks to the spectators, the Advendurance team and all co-sponsors for three fantastic years of Mud, Sweat and Tears.