Take the Mannequin Challenge we will take the wheel: Mercedes-Benz reacts quickly to viral craze


Quick turnaround and relevant engaging content are not the future of media, it’s the now.  This week Mercedes-Benz South Africa challenged their marketing partners to cleverly accept the #MannequinChallenge, a viral video craze that has swept the globe.

Turned around within 72 hours, from concept to fighting, Net#work BBDO, through their newly established content arm Flare, answered the call.

The #MannequinChallenge invites those who accept the challenge to remain motionless, like mannequins, while the camera moves around to create a frozen action effect. In its execution of the challenge, Mercedes-Benz demonstrates how the E-Class, with standard feature Park Pilot, takes control of the wheel to sort out everyday issues like parking – so that you can participate in viral internet crazes to your heart’s content.

Watch Mercedes-Benz accept the challenge here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ8fcvgEMpg

Selvin Govender, Director for Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars in South Africa says, “At Mercedes-Benz we live by our mantra of ‘the Best or Nothing’ and in today’s rapid-fire marketing environment where you need to be highly relevant, almost reactionary at times, we as a brand refuse to lower our standard simply to be faster.  This campaign or execution is a great example of relevant bespoke content that clearly relays our message, shot beautifully, quickly.”

“I believe we are working collaboratively with our agencies in a new and exciting way. We continue to emphasise quality and speed, but it all comes down to user engagement.  I think Mercedes-Benz is moving into new areas, particularly for an established global automotive brand. Recent campaigns like our #EveryTerrain campaign for SUVs is a good example of this, as well as the Beautiful News campaign that we are currently involved in with our partners.”

“This execution is fun, light-hearted, and almost cheeky – we are as proud of this work as we are of the vehicle it features,” concludes Govender.