Volkswagen’s Paint Shop celebrates 10 years of painting people’s cars


  • Volkswagen’s Paint Shop celebrates 10 years of painting people’s cars

On this day ten years ago, the former State of President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki officially opened the multi-million rand Paint Shop at the Volkswagen’s manufacturing factory in Uitenhage.

The state of the art of paint shop was initially designed to paint at least 450 car bodies per day. Ten years later, the facility has increased its capacity to paint almost 750 Polo and Polo Vivo bodies per day. In the past decade, the Paint Shop has painted the car bodies in 35 different colours.

Since the 1st of December 2006, the Volkswagen Paint Shop has painted over 895 700 car bodies. The colour capacity of the Volkswagen’s Paint Shop includes two types of primer, 14 base coat colours and a clear coat component.

The Paint Shop has also contributed significantly to the Think Blue. Factory initiative at Volkswagen.  Think Blue.The factory is a Volkswagen Group’s global initiative where the production plants across the world are encouraged to reduce waste, water usage, energy consumption and emissions by 25%. In the past six years, the Uitenhage Paint Shop has significantly reduced the energy consumption per car by 30%, water usage by 65%, waste by 71%, VOC by 17% and CO2 by 54%.

“The paint process is one of the complex and most important manufacturing processes. In the past ten years, we have geared our paint shop to consistently produce high-quality paint standards on all our car bodies for local and international customers. This state of the art facility is an important component of our preparations for the future models that we will be producing at our Uitenhage factory,” said Thomas Schaefer, Chairman and Managing Director: Volkswagen Group South Africa.