Police and EMS Service combine efforts to retrieve bodies after crash in dam in KZN

KwaZulu-Natal: Earlier this morning Police Divers from Durban & Pietermaritzburg Search and Rescue Units were called out to the Mapumulo area of KwaDakuza where the driver of a Toyota Venture lost control of the vehicle causing it to crash through the barrier, landing in the Mvutshane Dam.

Members from Mapumulo SAPS, Umhlali and Durban K9 Search and Rescue Units, IPSS Medical Rescue, RTI, Emergency Services, Durban Accident Combating Unit and volunteer group Specialised Rescue all responded to the scene.

IPSS Medical Rescue members were 1st to arrive and were able to attach a flotation device on the vehicle 5 meter below the surface. K9 Ghost indicated the same area and with the assistance of IPSS Medical Rescue’s boat the Police Divers began the arduous task of recovering all the trapped occupants.

A total of seven trapped occupants including minors were all recovered and identified by family before being handed over to MLM. The KwaDakuza Cluster commander attended the scene. The Dive Operation was called off at last light after 6 hours. The Divers will return tomorrow to recover the vehicle.Culpable homicide case opened.