Break-In Suspect Arrested: Verulam – KwaZulu Natal

A 20 year old house break-in suspect was arrested on Garden Street in Grange – Verulam a short while ago.

The RUSA Operations Centre received a call from the home owner stating that the suspect was in the process of breaking into the home when he was scared off. The caller further stated that the suspect was dressed in dirty clothes and that he fled towards Todd Street.

Members of Reaction Unit South Africa patrolled the area and spotted a suspect matching the description walking in the direction of the Verulam CBD. When he noticed Reaction Officers approaching he fled back onto Garden Street. RUSA Members with assistance of a security officer from another private security company pursued and apprehended the suspect.

During an interview the suspect confirmed that he had entered the property with the intention of breaking into the home. He further confirmed that he is a heroine addict and funded his addiction through theft and house break-in.

The suspect is believed to be responsible for several house break-ins and thefts that have occurred in Grange over the past few weeks.