The Road Safety & Arrive Alive Blog is maintained by Johan Jonck

Johan Jonck is the owner of the webdomain www.arrivealive.co.za  – a website developed and maintained as a private initiative to enhance awareness of road safety – especially in South Africa.

I lost my mom in a car accident at the age of 2 years – and believe that even though we might not all have the money to provide funding for road safety initiatives  – we can all contribute by way of intellectual capital and the sharing of ideas, recommendations etc.

I am not a techie myself – having read law and lectured in criminal law – I do however believe that if we acknowledge our limitations – and seek assistance from the wider blogging community – and also give credit to others – we can gather all the expertise out there and achieve the ultimate goal – greater road safety!

What drives me? – a quote I gathered from the movie Emperors Club – my interpretation- ” No matter how much you might have conquered – If you have not left behind a contribution – it is all meaningless…”  

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  1. Sir Jonckie,

    Doing some research on road safety , I come across this blogging site…

    I would to thank you and congratulate for the inspirations you have share into us, your blooming in the sad experience from the tragedy of life to be transform into a light for a better life.

    A wonderful discovery that there are people getting together to spread the value of road discipline and in any stage of development any country in in to… All roads must lead to progress through safety and the responsibilities are in our hands to make it a reality.

    Preventions is of high importance, through this exchange of our own learnings makes it easier to understand and grow faster in reacting productively to a healthy and safer lifestyle of living in our roads.

    And for me most of all you show me, to be free from the mind of limitations to new possibilities to be of service to others.

    There have been road accidents that I have been involved on to blame the system. Thanks for your enlightenment and inspiration.

    More power in this site and


  2. I like your blog a lot. Auto Accidents need to be discussed more so more people can realize the danders that surround them on the roads each day. It’s people like you that are helping to make a difference

  3. Mr. Jonck,

    While doing research, I came across your site. I’m wondering if you have ever made mention of the dangers of vehicle occupant entrapment during water immersion. In the USA, over three hundred people die every year trapped in their sinking vehicles. A recent Canadian study faults water pressure as the main culprit since in cases like these the doors and windows are under so much pressure that they cannot be opened. A really clever, practical, and cheap idea has been around for several years and yet car manufacturers have yet to catch on. Adding a small mound of metal to the male end of the seatbelt during the manufacturing process costs next to nothing yet transforms the latchplate into a glass breaking tool. Every Safety expert recommends keeping a punch in the vehicle. This idea insures that they are built in, easy to find in any vehicle, and insures that you get you seatbelt undone before letting water in. If you decide to look into it further, Google “Escape Tip” to learn more. Keep up the good work!

  4. Dear Mr Jonck,
    I’m Rizki from Indonesia. I like this blog, and i think we are in same vision. May I link to this blog?
    Thank you..

  5. Hi Jonckie,
    Congratulations on your very informative blog and site. Like many in the road safety industry, I am always looking for helpful resources and material. I would like to introduce your readers to my own site where you will find a free (PDF) survival driving manual based on my advanced driving course.
    Cheers, Tim. (Australia)

  6. Brake Light Propogator is the name of a new, patented product which senses when a tail light ahead of you goes on, and automatically turns on your own brake light.

    It provides the driver behind you a full extra second of reaction time.

    It could reduce the number or rear-enders by 70-80%.

    Cost to deploy in quantity is about $5.

    Call me for more details.

    Ward Johnson

  7. Dear Johan,

    Our company, Luna Road Ltd. (a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of the new high-tech “cat’s eyes” now known as Luna Road Lights) would like to run some sort of editorial or news publishing on your Road Safety & Arrive Alive blog.

    Luna Road Lights use ambient solar energy, to power Highly Luminous LED’s which will help provide visibility and security for road drivers miles ahead; increasing road safety and reducing road accidents (while being eco-friendly at the same time).

    I do look forward to your very quick reply regarding the possibility of doing so.

    For more information about our company, please feel free to visit our website at http://www.lunaroad.com

    Keep up the wonderful work and it’s so good to know that people like you exist out there….working hard to achieve the same goals that Luna Road has set out to achieve also.

    Thank you for your time and hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Richard Sabga

    Luna Road Ltd.
    “Lighting The Way!”




  8. not sure if you can help, but could you clarify something about driving licence codes and entitlement. does a south african licence, like a uk one, display only the pictures and codes of the vehicles which you are entitled to drive/ride on the back of the licence?

  9. Hi, we would like to let you know that we have our second Arrive Alive Campaign in Sannieshof, Starting tomorrow the 9th . In December we pulled off 1800 cars in a day and a half. Lets see how many we get over this Easter Week End.

    Hartsmeander Greetings
    See you in Sannieshof

  10. No accidents reported on the N14 between Coligny and Delareyville on the Easter Weekend during the Hartsmeander second Arrive Alive campaign.Heavy alcohol use seen on the Thursday and Monday.Stay at home or plan your trip round those days in the future and stay alive. Thank you to all the friendly motorists that passed Sannieshof.

  11. I would really like to commend you on trying to make our roads safer, however the carnage on our roadswill never end, because people know that you can kill someone due to negligent lawless driving and nothing will happen to you. Our justice system is a joke, especially Randburg court and the magistrate in court 3 at Randurg is the biggest joker of all. we have just come from court now for the culpable homocide case against the person who killed our 17 year old son in 2007. Since November we have been to court more than 10 times. It is always postponed, the first four times because he did not bother to consult with his legal aid lawyer and only rocked up in court after 10h30, when court is supposed to start at 8.30, he finally had to pleade guilty, because he had no option. The day the trial was meant to start he had not consulted with his lawyer and it was postponed and his lawyer obviously told him to plead guilty as all the evidence proved he was guilty. Since then it has been post poned and post poned. All he is getting is correctional services because they believe he is a stable person who shows remorse. This is the person who first tried to blame my son, but the accident & reconstruction officer overheard him and told him he felt sorry for him because he is nothing but a liar. Last month he did not appear when he was supposed to be sentenced and they were going to issue a warrant for his arrest but he came up with some excuse so he was given a warning. Today it was postponed again because he “was not feeling well”. The fact that he has destroyed our lives and our health means nothing. The magistrate only started court proceeding at 10h30 because she was not feeling well. We sit in court and watch the absolute circus it is. During court proceedings the one bailiff is busy flirting with a family member of 3 accused of murder and armed robbery and taking down her phone number, the other bailiff sits and chats with two others accussed of serious crimes, big pals. My husband was asked by the magistrate why we come to court the guy pleaded guilty so what are we doing there. There should be a task team to investigate the courts in this country and see just how they waste the tax payers money. Cases get postponed for nothing, the magistrate has been not well 3 times that we went to court. There is no justice in this country and has far as the courts are concerned killing someone due to blatantly breaking the laws on our roads is a joke and so is mudering and raping someone. The wheels of justice need to turn so that her and the other magistrates can feel what it is like to lose a child or any loved one due to the criminal act of another person.

  12. Hi jonck! Congratulations on your very informative blog and site. Like many in the road safety industry, I would like to let you know that I work for road safety as a Defensive Driving Trainer in Indonesia , without monetory benefits, from Sept 1997. still I am on the job; i join hands with you, you join with me! this is how we can prevent accidents. pls. visit:

  13. The Hartsmeander tourism association are planning another Arrive Alive campaign in December by popular demand.We need a sponsor to help us with funds to print a brochure,buy enough fruit juice concentrate,feed about 30 officals for 2 days and campaign banners.Motorists love it to get,free Weg and GO magazines,waterbottles,keyholders and sponsored cd s.They get a friendly welcome from all the Hartsmeander officals,clothed in sponsored T Shirts.Some of the locals try their luck for the Juice by returning and others use the alternative route they know.Great fun for a good cause!!

  14. I found your blog and have enjoyed the posts.
    Two of our engineers spoke at a transportation conference in South Africa earlier this year. This is the third year we have sent a speaker to the conference.

    Best regards,
    Garrick Infanger
    Armstrong Forensic Engineers

    We started a blog ourselves earlier this year that we thought you might enjoy: http://www.ForensicEngineeringHub.com

  15. Hi, i have been separated from my wife for two years. Our two sons aged 9 and 11 live with her because i had no choice in the matter and i’m struggling to survive. She often drives drunk with the children in the car and although this causes me great distress, she knows that there is nothing i can do about it. A week ago she drove drunk with the older boy Ben, from another child’s birthday party where she got drunk drinking with the other parents. She was driving badly and erratically and the child was terrified and told her so, whereupon she told him not to be such a wimp and then stopped the car and told him to get out. He was crying and scared and i did not know about this until later that night when i received a phone call from him, asking me to please collect him from a school party he had attended. Earlier that day i had made a firm arrangement with her that she would be fetching the child from the party, but it turned out that she was too intoxicated to fetch him and i rushed thirty km from the farm where i live to fetch the boy. He behaved badly the whole weekend and i knew that it was because he was angry at his mother. I tried to help him by suggesting he write a letter to her telling her how he feels. He didn’t want to and eventually did a mind map about the day’s events. After that he seemed a bit better. As far as i’m concerned this constitutes violence against a child and something should be done.
    I have asked her many times not to drive drunk and she always says that it won’t happen again. I know that i can’t change her, but what can i do ?
    How can i get her to see what she is doing ?
    I am so angry about this and i feel so powerless because i don’t have the ability to take the children away from her ?
    She is not a bad person and i don’t want to report her to the police, but i can’t take the anxiety anymore. Please can you tell me what to do ?

  16. Thanks for article on accident in Claremont. Pretoria. My nephew Philip Louis Lamprecht passed away at the scene and the other man died later the same evening. So sad so unthinkable. Just a note of thanks to every one who assiste at the accident site. May God be with my aunt and the other children with this terrible loss. Jean Garner

  17. i currently have matric and code 10 drivers licence would like to know where can 1 go and study paramedics and what are the requirements.

  18. Hi Johan,

    I am working with a brand to build an engaging content community that covers topics relating to auto repair, auto safety and insurance.

    We’ve taken a read through your blog and we think you’ve done a fantastic job covering topics that our brand’s audience would also be interested in covering. It would be great if you could join our community to help educate, inform and converse with those in the auto industry.

    If you would like to learn more about this, please send an email to info@atomicreach.com


  19. Hi, I would love 2 study towards becoming a paramedic, can you kindly forward me more information on the requirements upon registering e.g age restriction, fees, next enrolment, qualifications etc

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