Brilliant Speed Control in Canada

The Arrive Alive website received an email from a South African road user titled :”How’s this for speed control?”

I don’t know about you, but this would slow me down! People slow down and try to “straddle” the hole, then breathe a sign of relief they completely cleared it!

This is actually a marketing stunt designed for manufacturers of vehicle suspensions. Scroll down and look at all three pictures.




Pretty clever, huh??? Especially if moved around each day. Isn’t art wonderful?

The Concern in South Africa would be that the road users might not slow down and drive into the VERY REAL threat of actual pot holes!

12 thoughts on “Brilliant Speed Control in Canada

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  2. how can I get this speed control stickers or what ever it is …I need to buy some.Please let me know.’
    Thanks a lot

  3. Dear friends,I am surprised of how you create a GOL for speed control I congratulate you for this,I would like to support your idea in our countries thru a national campaign to create a CULTURE in the treiler drivers because they are a HEADEIK ,please send me a sample of your poster and I´´ll advise you the authorities filling to adopt this to the mexican roads,regrets

  4. sorry, these are fake. I’ve never seen them. I’ve googled them hundreds of times and everytime there’s just these three pics. I’m pretty sure someone had a lot of time in their hands and decided to do something with Photoshop.

    • This is not a speed control technique by Canadian govt bro. Its not even canada. Its an Advt in India, Mumbai. Check the autorickshaws in 3rd pic.

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  6. In our country, INDIA, this is very normal. I mean the real pot holes. We see atleast hundreds of em in every road. We are used to it. We have big tolerance towards this.

    • Did you ever find out if those pothole stickers are for sale? I’d like to know.
      Thanks Steve

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