Man arrested in possession of stolen vehicle by border patrol police


A 33-year-old man is due to appear in the Emanguze Magistrate’s Court today, 3 May 2016 for possession of a stolen vehicle.

He was arrested over the weekend by members of the police deployed in the Mkhanyakude area to prevent cross border crimes in that area. The members were deployed in Umkhanyakude area after there were concerns from the community about hijacked or stolen vehicles that are crossing the border to Mozambique.

The suspect was arrested on 29 April after the members followed up information about a stolen Grand Chirokee vehicle near Emanguzi town. The said vehicle was spotted and searched. A 33-year-old driver was arrested after he failed to give satisfactory explanation about the vehicle. It was circulated and came as a stolen vehicle in Gauteng area.

The members consisting of Tactical Response Team, Public Order Policing and SANDF continued with their operations and found two more stolen vehicles which were 4×4 Toyota double cab and a Toyota Forfuner. One was left abandoned by the suspects after they noticed the police and the second vehicle was found stuck in sand. Both vehicles were stolen from Gauteng last month.