Four people have been injured in Durban CBD crash


On Wednesday morning at 04h46 Netcare 911 paramedics responded to a collision at the intersection of Smith and Gardener Streets in the Durban CBD. Exact detail to the cause of the crash and preceding events is still speculative and will form part of the South African Police investigation.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and found the area littered with accident debris and the twisted frames of the vehicles consistent with that of a high impact collision. After triaging the injured it was found that three people sustained serious injuries, two of them was still trapped in the wreckages. An unrestrained paediatric was critically injured in the collision but was transported to hospital by Metro Police before our arrival. Two people miraculously escaped from the incident uninjured.


While two teams of firefighters used the Jaws of Life to extricate the two critically injured patients, the Netcare 911 paramedics worked tirelessly to stabilise the wounded. Paramedics spinally immobilised the patients before removing them from the vehicle and then transported them to various hospitals for the care that they required.